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10 Best Sex Toys for Women (According to an Online Sex Toy Boutique Owner)

With so many options on the market it is really hard to know which ones truly are the best sex toys for women, especially if you are new to sex toys.  I mistakenly assumed most women know something about sex toys and what they like but I find more and more in talking to my friends, they just are not sure.

In this blog, I hope to share some insights on why I believe these are the 10 best sex toys for women on the market currently.   I do have others I love but I'm just covering my top ten favorites to hopefully educate (not overwhelm) and help you decide which one may be a good start or upgrade for you.

10 Best Sex Toys for Women

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Luxe Vibes Boutique was created to help (and educate) women on discovering toys that work best for them and for women to have a safe, discreet place to shop without embarrassment!  I firmly believe that every woman deserves the stress release and all the other health benefits that come with orgasms.

10. Lovense Lush 3

Lovense Lush 3

Lovense Lush 3 is fun for solo play as well as couples play.  This makes my top ten list because I like the way it feels against my g spot and how it gives me that extra full feeling.

The vibrations are powerful enough in the one motor to feel it all the way to the tail so I can feel the vibrations on my g spot and my clitoris.  

Lovense App gives you tons of ways to play with Lush 3 including speed play, music play, use patterns others have created, and you or your lover can control Lush 3 with the app.  But you also have the one button control option which makes it very easy to use if you're just playing alone.

I have only used the toy solo so I like to wear it around my house while I'm doing chores or working.  What can I say, I get horny a lot and this is the perfect toy to use just whenever!

9. We-Vibe Sync 2

We-Vibe Sync 2

We-Vibe Sync 2 was designed for couples to be worn while having sex.  However, I can attest this is also great for solo play.

The the clitoral arm has a powerful motor that hits your clitoral nerves deep!  There is a motor in the g spot arm too but the vibrations are not quite as strong.  I can only imagine how amazing this would feel when your lover enters you since I can have powerful blended orgasms alone with Sync 2!

We-Vibe App allows for long distance play, your lover can connect to the toy and control it.  So even if you're alone because your lover lives in another state, don't worry they can take you to climax with the app.  Also, if you don't feel like using the App or Remote (like me) there is also the option to use the one button control.

I also like that this toy has a hinge, so you can adjust it to your body shape and it stays put.  Meaning you can have hands free orgasms.

To read my in depth review of We-Vibe Sync 2 Click Here or watch the video review below 👇🏻

8. Biird Namii

We-Vibe Sync 2

Biird Namii is a dual vibrator in the sense you can use each end for different pleasures.  So if you want the sucking sensation on your clitoris or if your in the mood for vibrations on your clitoris or both, Biird Namii can do this for you.

I'm loving Biird Namii not only because it feels good, it is a new line that represents everything I personally love about sex toys, LUXURY.  The packaging is luxurious, the toy made of silky smooth silicone, it has options and it comes with a charger that acts as a mood light!

The only thing with Namii that power lovers might not like is .... it does not get as crazy powerful as say a Womanizer toy.  But I don't like power tools on my clit so it makes my top ten! 

The way I use it, I turn on the vibrator and the suction portion at the same time.  I use the suction portion but for me this rumbles deep enough to hit the deep nerves of my clitoris feeling like a blended orgasm.

To read my in depth review of Biird Namii Click Here or watch the video review below 👇🏻

7. Le Wand Blend

We-Vibe Sync 2

Le Wand Blend is a luxurious rabbit style vibrator.  So your g spot and clitoris are feeling the vibrations from the g spot arm motor and the clitoral motor for powerful blended orgasms, hence the name Blend!  Le Wand has mastered luxurious sex toys, which as you know by now, I love!  

The silky silicone feels amazing on your most intimate parts, the chrome handle is not only visually appealing but it also adds to the toys high quality.  The vibrations are deep and rumbly, Le Wand has also mastered this in their toys. 

Both of the arms are flexible so they should adjust to most body shapes.  For me, these arms hit both areas as designed for intense pleasure in two spots at once.  I usually climax on a steady vibration level but use the bump back and forth pattern between the arms as a build up.

One time, I used Le Wand Blend on my clitoris as foreplay and before I was able to insert it, I had this crazy intense orgasm because the vibrations are so deep.

To read my in depth review of Le Wand Blend Click Here or watch the video review below 👇🏻

6. We-Vibe Touch X

We-Vibe Sync 2

We-Vibe Touch X is another one of my favorite We-Vibe toys.  No it is not a dual stimulator but again deep, powerful rumbly vibrations hit nerves so deep it feels like a blended orgasm.  

Are you seeing a common theme here?  I like high quality, deep rumbly vibrators that with our without dual stimulators can give me that desired blended o feeling.

Orgasms that are created for by external stimulation are great but once you master the internal and external orgasm as the same time, it's hard to go back to just a clitoral or g spot orgasm alone.  At least in my experience.

I use Touch X in combination with another toy, you will see further down in this blog :)  Plus this is easy to hold while being penetrated for clitoral stimulation during sex.

                                                                                                                      Watch the video review below 👇🏻

5. FemmeFunn Klio

We-Vibe Sync 2

FemmeFunn Klio is such a unique rabbit style vibrator!  This is one I used over and over and over right out of the box.  

It has three motors, one in the g spot arm, one in the middle, and one on the clitoral arm.  The middle one takes some getting used to but I just leave that motor off.  Which is another cool feature of this toy, you can use all the motors at once or two at a time or one at a time.  I prefer to use the g spot and clitoral motor together, I know shocking.

The loop handle makes this toy super easy to hold while vibrating and great for thrusting.  If I haven't mentioned it yet, I love toys that I can thrust! Plus the buttons are super easy to use which is always a bonus.

I think my favorite part of FemmeFunn Klio is the clitoral button, it feels AMAZING against my clitoris.


                                                                                                                          Watch my video review below 👇🏻

4. Snail Vibe

We-Vibe Sync 2

Snail Vibe, yup it looks like a Snail.  I say who needs to get nailed when you can get snailed!  

This toy is as a unique experience as it is looking.  I feel this is a must have in the toy box simply to switch it up!  There are two motors, one for internal stimulation and one for external stimulation.

I can angle Snail Vibe's internal arm to hit my g spot and the clitoral vibrator never leaves my clit.  The thrusting you can do with this toy mimics the real thing but with constant clitoral stimulation.

The bulb area you hold while using makes it really easy to thrust!  Checking off all my favorites in a sex toy: luxurious, dual stimulating, unique, body-safe silicone, thrust, easy to hold, and easy to use.

                                                                                                                              Watch the video review below 👇🏻

3. Womanizer Duo 2

We-Vibe Sync 2

Womanizer Duo 2, another different looking dual vibrator that gives over the top blended orgasms!  I would have other Womanizer products on my top ten list but I decided to go with my absolute favorite one.

Why is it my favorite? You guessed it, it is a dual stimulator but a very rare one that pleasures your g spot with vibrations (deep, rumbly I might add) and Pleasure Air Technology on my clitoris.  

Duo 2 fits snug on my g spot and clitoris.  I like to rock this toy, I guess a tiny thrusting motion so the g spot arm is massaging me internally while the Pleasure Air Technology is going up and down my clitoris.  Which brings on those extremely earth shattering, "whole body orgasms" this toy was designed to do!

Fortunately, Duo 2 has the Afterglow features so when the orgasm gets too powerful I can hit a button and it brings it back down to the weakest intensity allowing me to ease into my orgasm.

Also, I was able to squeeze this between my legs for hands free pleasure!

To read my in depth review of Womanizer Duo 2 Click Hereor watch the video review below 👇🏻

2. We-Vibe Nova 2

We-Vibe Sync 2

We-Vibe Nova 2, my absolute favorite We-Vibe toy and Rabbit Style Vibe.  You know it's one of your favorites when you reach for it A LOT.  

If you haven't noticed We-Vibe is my top favorite luxury brand.  No details are spared when We-Vibe creates a toy.  

Nova 2 has been out for a while and it still makes my top 10 if that tells you how much I love it.

The hinge allows adjustment for pretty much any body shape to make sure the g spot arm and clitoral arm stay where they are supposed to, on your pleasure spots.

The seamless silky smooth silicone not only feels amazing on your skin but also allows for easy entry (especially with a little lube).  Nova 2 is great for thrusting! It is a very quiet vibrator, if that is important to you.

The deep, rumbly vibrations We-Vibe is known for takes me to climax every time.

                                                                                                                            Watch the video review below 👇🏻

1. Njoy Pure Wand

We-Vibe Sync 2

Still reigning at number one and my favorite toy of all time, my forever love Njoy Pure Wand!  The toy that has given me the most orgasms throughout time.

Pure Wand is a timeless classic, stainless steel dildo.  It doesn't vibrate.  It's not dual stimulating. It's hard and cold. BUT this beauty, hits my g spot effortlessly every single time, in a way that I cannot describe.  The hardness (and yes the coldness) feels amazing on my g spot.  

It applies a pressure so good on your g spot that when combined with an external toy it leaves your insides pulsing with pleasure.  I literally have to wait for the pulsing to stop to take the njoy pure wand out.

I would not suggest this as a beginners toy but if you are in tuned with your g spot, this is a must have!  And bonus, you never have to replace it because it's stainless steel.

Since I am a blended orgasm junkie, I do always combine it with one of these two toys.  The We-Vibe Touch X or Womanizer Starlet 3.  I did get another Womanizer in this article :)  Starlet 3 is one of the smaller models so it makes it perfect for combination play.

To read my in depth review and tips on how to use Njoy Pure Wand Click Here or watch the video review below 👇🏻

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