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Kegel Toys

Want to flex your muscle and show your lover whose in charge? Nothing works better than our Kegel Toys, from brands such as Lelo, Fun Factory, & Natural Contours, to strengthen your kegel muscles. 

Not sure where to start? Here is an overview of what each Kegel Sex Toy can do for you.

Elvie and Lovelife Krush both have Apps to tracks your exercises. The apps guide you and measure your kegel workouts.  They are more medical Kegel Exercisers than a pleasure ones.  So if you need help strengthening and a work out for your pelvic floor one of these might be for you.

KegelBell and Lovelife Flex are weighted kegel toys more for exercising and strengthening your kegels.  They do not have apps nor do they vibrate.

Keglel Toys that are wearable and give motion pleasure while inside of you, would be Fun Factory Smartballs and Je Joue Ami Balls.

We-Vibe Bloom was designed for strengthening and pleasure.  They have three different weights for strengthing but also vibrate and can be controlled by an App.  

Crystal Yoni Eggs are a natural, healing take on kegel toys.  They can be used for exercise and pleasure.