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Womanizer Duo 2 Review

When Womanizer developed the slogan for Womanizer Duo 2, they hit it the nail on the head! “Indulge in Whole Body Orgasms” Yes! This is exactly what the Duo 2 can deliver to you. I always refer to them as blended orgasms because you can literally feel the orgasm externally and internally with this type of toy. Sometimes at the same time, sometimes one starting before the other and the second exploding seconds after the first starts.

It’s the type of orgasm where your whole body shakes with pleasure! Isn’t that what we should all be aiming to achieve? Just think of the release, the health benefits! It is what I aim to achieve with 90% of my orgasms. (No wonder I’m so healthy- ha) The 10% is when I’m testing a toy that only gives external or internal pleasure, in case you are wondering.

With that being said, let’s get to my review of Womanizer Duo 2!

Womanizer Duo 2 in Hands

Womanizer Duo 2 Review

I knew I would love Womanizer Duo 2 simply because of my obsession with the original Womanizer Duo! I mentioned in the video review I created for this toy that Womanizer Duo 2 is in the top five of my all-time favorite sex toys! Why? Because it offers pretty much everything I look for in a sex toy:

• Luxurious Sex Toy (Beautifully Crafted, Will Last for a Long Time) ✓

• Luxurious Packaging (Nothing Better than a Gift to Myself) ✓

• Dual Stimulator (Internal AND External stimulation) ✓

• Deep & Rumbly Vibrations on the Inside (Not Buzzy) ✓

• Magical Air Pleasure Technology on the Outside (Unexplainable) ✓

• Silky Smooth Body-Safe Silicone (No Harmful Chemicals) ✓

• Does Exactly What Designed to Do (Whole Body Orgasms) ✓

• Easy to Use (Important When Trying to Climax) ✓

• Afterglow Feature (Setting too Intense When Climaxing, One Button Gets You to Lowest Intensity—Allows You to Ease into Your Orgasm) ✓

• Settings & Intensities Allow for Array of Orgasms (Fast Orgasms or Relaxing Orgasms) ✓

• LOVE the new Petrol Blue Color (Just a Personal Reason – ha) ✓

• Waterproof (Shower, Bath is your Place to Play? – No Problem) ✓

By now you should know a few reasons for my deep adoration of this dual stimulating, whole body orgasm generating sex toy!

My Experience with Womanizer Duo 2 

Womanizer Duo 2 Head

I always use lube because it makes the experience that much better. So, I put my water-based Sliquid H2o on myself in both places the Duo 2 would be stimulating. Then, I put it snug inside on my g spot and on my clitoris. Yes I do put it directly on my clit, even though Womanizer says you can have a touchless orgasm, this is just how I prefer it. Did I mention, Duo 2 hits both spots perfect for me?

Medium intensity and steady vibration pattern are how I like to climax with this toy, unless I’m taking my time then I’ll play around with the other vibration patterns. I wanted to see if you could have a hands-free orgasm with it so I held it in with my legs closed and it stayed just fine.

However, this is not how I climaxed. I rocked it back in forth, I do love thrusting my dual stimulator toys so this was my form of doing that with Duo 2. The Air Pleasure Technology was going up and down on my clitoris while the g spot arm was vibrating on but also massaging my g spot. Let me just say within two minutes, a powerful internal orgasm started followed by an explosion of an external orgasm. Which made my whole-body shake! Thank you, Womanizer Duo 2! Mission accomplished!

Sometimes with dual stimulators, I climax at the same time internally and externally but I really enjoyed one started just before the other then finishing together. It’s this long-lasting crazy orgasm.


I think the only con for a toy like Womanizer Duo 2 is it may not fit all body shapes. The arm is flexible so it should but we are all shaped differently so if I had to guess, it may not fit every single person. For the record, it fits me peeeerrrrffffeeecttt 😜 And it might not be for beginners…well read my side note.

Side Note: One of my customers left a review of how much she loved the Womanizer Duo! Also, stating this was her first toy! Wow! I think normally I would not suggest this as a beginner’s toy because you have to be really in tuned with your body. Understand the g spot does exist and you can pleasure both at the same time for crazy unexplainable orgasms! 

HOWEVER, I was so pleasantly surprised she could experience and appreciate the Womanizer Duo as a sex toy beginner. So I take it back, anyone can enjoy this toy clearly.

Customer Reviews

  • Womanizer OG Customer Review

    Rebecca L.

    Love my new Duo! 

    Perfectly rumbly vibrations inside paired with the external suction makes for an incredible experience!

  • Womanizer OG Customer Review

    Taryn P.

    Love it!!

    My First Toy and in Love with it!!

Womanizer Duo 2 Video Review

In my video review, I like my customers to get to know the toy before they purchase it.  I unbox it as if you had just purchase it.  Followed by all the features of Womanizer Duo 2.  Next I show you how to charge it and how to use all the buttons. 

Finally I give you my personal review of the Womanizer Duo 2!

Womanizer Duo 2 Video Review

How to Use Womanizer Duo 2 Buttons?

Womanizer Duo 2 How to Use the Buttons

To Turn On/Off simply hold the button on the back (not shown) for a two seconds. Make sure when in Smart Silence it is touching your skin to know it's on.  

Afterglow Press back button (not shown) briefly.

Smart Silence On/Off Press (🔈) and (-) at the same time for 2 seconds to get in and out of Smart Silence.

Vibration Arm (External Control) Press (🔈) to increase intensity. Press (-) decrease intensity.

Pleasure Air (Internal Control)  Press ((⌷)) to increase intensity. Press (-) decrease intensity.

Change Pattern Press (᠅) briefly.  Press for 1.5 sec to exit.

How to Clean Womanizer Duo 2

Since this toy is waterproof, you can wash it with warm water and soap. 

Womanizer suggest removing the head and cleaning it thoroughly with a toy cleaner such as Before & After Foaming Toy Cleaner, this is the product I love and swear by! 

Then turn it on (make sure Smart Silence is off) and submerge it in water to get any and all particles off.

Make sure that the toy is completely dried before storing! 

Womanizer Duo 2 with Before & After Toy Cleaner

What Lubes to Use?

Sliquid Sparkle Water Based Lube

Since Womanizer Duo 2 is made from silicone, you want to make sure to use a water based lube such as Sliquid H20 or Sliquid Sparkle

I'm loving the Sliquid Sparkle right now because I'm obsessed with the packaging plus it matches most of my toys:)

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