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njoy Pure Wand

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Njoy Pure Wand is a beautifully crafted stainless steel dildo designed for g spot stimulation (or p spot). The luxurious feel, look and pleasure the Pure Wand provides is unparalleled. Njoy is the Tiffany’s of Sex Toys and it is worth every single cent! The weight and perfect curve of this dildo puts a stimulation so powerful on the g spot many women have been able to squirt for the first time.

njoy Pure Wand Side View


Stainless Steel Dildo

Whomever decided to make a dildo out of stainless steel is a genius in my book!  I'm giving Njoy brand the credit since they made the most magnificent stainless steel dildo! It is body safe and non-porous. The smooth, hard stainless steel dildo feels amazing against your skin. You are able to play around with temperature play.  Just put it in warm or cold water for a minute and experience the affects. 

Njoy Pure Wand in Box

What Lubes to Use with Njoy Pure Wand?

Fortunately, with stainless-steel you can use any type of lube! I would suggest Sliquid Silver.  It is a waterproof silicone lube formulated to last. But feel free to use any lube you might already have, you cannot go wrong with the Wicked line or the Sliquid line of lubes.

Sliquid Silver Lube All Sizes

How to Clean Njoy Pure Wand?

Cleaning Njoy Pure Wand is easy!  Warm water and soap clean the pure wand just fine.  If you want a deep clean you can boil it but I would not suggest this because it can get banged around in the pot.  You can also throw it on the top shelf of you dishwasher for a cycle just don’t add any dish detergent.

Njoy Pure Wand (Luxe Vibes) Review

As the owner of Luxe Vibes, naturally I have a deep love for sex toys. Have I tried every single one on my site? No but let me tell you the njoy Pure Wand is a must-have in my sex toy box. I’m not sure any toy has made me climax as many times as this stainless-steel dildo. I’ve had a few glass ones in a similar shape but something about the weight, the smooth hard steel, the pressure on my g spot is just an experience like no other.

Lube is a must-have for smooth entry but once Pure Wand is on the g spot, orgasms are coming. Sometimes I go really quick and sometimes I like to take my time with this magical wand (no not the magic wand) the magical steel wand! Yes, that is what I would rename it. And I am lucky to have a vagina that can have an orgasm and then another and then another right in a row. Especially with the njoy pure wand! If I haven’t convinced you this is a must-have, read some other reviews of top sex toy bloggers!

Please read Spices of Lust Review on the njoy Pure Wand Review! Still not convinced, check out one of our other favorite Sex Toy Bloggers Slutty Girl Problems review of the njoy pure wand! Or another of my favorite sex toy bloggers Hey Epiphora review of the njoy pure wand.

Features of the Njoy Pure Wand:

  • Item Diameter 1.5"
  • Item Height 8"
  • Item Weight 1.15 lb
  • Materials Stainless Steel
  • Waterproof 
  • Easy to Clean

njoy Pure Wand Measurements

How to Use Njoy Pure Wand?

I created a guide on tips for how to use the njoy pure wand, you can read it HERE

Issues with the Njoy Pure Wand

Ummm, none! Well don’t love or experience g spot stimulation, then the njoy pure wand is probably not for you. I do know a couple of people who just can’t appreciate the mythical njoy pure wand. 

The real issue with the njoy pure wand is that it is so popular it runs out of stock all the time!  The solution, I almost feel as though I’m betraying my favorite toy (sorry njoy), Le Wand Hoop.  There I said it. Le Wand developed a stainless steel dildo line and yes it is amazing.  So if njoy pure wand is out of stock or you just want to add another beautifully crafted Steel Dildo, get yourself a Le Wand Hoop.  I have both of these beauties.  The Hoop has a small difference but gives the same powerful multi-orgasms.

Le Wand Hoop

Other Njoy Pure Products (Plugs)

Yes, yes I have paired my beloved njoy pure wand with a njoy pure butt plug.  I have the small njoy pure plug but I could probably go up to a medium.  Again, use lube for easy entry.  Njoy Pure Plug comes in a variety of sizes and designs. So pick your pleasure!

njoy Pure Plugs

njoy Pure Wand Video Review

In this video I compare and review the njoy Pure Wand and the Le Wand Hoop, stainless steel dildos for you. In fact, I’ll let you know if the newer Le Wand Hoop even compares to the njoy Pure Wand.

Here's a quick rundown of what you're about to watch: First, you’ll get to know the njoy pure wand dildo and what comes in the box. Next, you’ll hear my personal review on the njoy Pure Wand (umm it’s one of my favorite toys just so you know).

Then I'll introduce to you the Le Wand Hoop and what comes with it. Finally, I'll tell you my own personal review of the Le Wand Hoop. In the end, you will know why you should have one of these beauties in your sex toy box!

njoy pure wand verus le wand hoop review

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Mr. h.
multi usage tool

I have found 5 different way to use this metal wand.
5. full body massage (her muscle were so relaxed after massage)
4. Clitoral massage (loved it)
3. G Spot massage (awesome)
2. Prostate massage ( had one orgasm)
1. medicinal massage use.
Last year I had a water tumor (Ecoli water) in the inner wall of my anus. I went to urgent care and the doctor made a drain hole on the outer part of my anus. four months later I was leaking water all the time. I had to change underwear every 4 hour. two months ago my inner wall of my rectum was in full pain it felt like being stabbed in the anus with a yarn needle. the pain went deep as three inches. I bought this tool in hope that I will be able to massage my tumor and drain it. the FIRST time I used it felt good to massage my rectum. A few hours later the stabbing pain went away and I didn't have to change my underwear every four hours. A month later it feels like I have a NEW butt.
thank you luxe vibes.

Wow! What an amazing, in depth review! Glad others are enjoying the Pure Wand as much as I do!! :)

Tony A.
Five Star all the way

Customer service was outstanding. I will continue buying from your company

Thank you Tony! I hope you find the njoy pure wand itself to be 5 Stars too! This is one of my absolute favorites of all time!!

Samone J.

Great toy!

Zan A.
does what it is known to do!

After a few trys, it become my fav :)

Guest C.
lots of fun. very intense

I bought this for my wife and I to enjoy. She says it is very intense. She has an orgasim almost immediately. She even has multiples if she can stand it any longer. Lots of fun and as a guy I highly recommend.

Love it when people have the same experience as me with this amazing toy!!