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Le Wand Blend Review

Written by Charlie Vix


Posted on October 13 2022

Le Wand Blend, appropriately named for its ability to deliver powerful blended orgasms, is one of three vibrators in the Le Wand Chrome Collection.  Which in my opinion is one of the most luxurious lines I’ve ever seen.  No detail was spared in creating this Chrome Collection!

A subscriber to my YouTube Channel requested I review this specific luxury vibrator.  Honestly, I’m not sure why I had not already since I had previously reviewed the other two vibrators in the Chrome Series, Le Wand XO and Le Wand Gee.  I can say I’m officially obsessed with all three!

Naturally, I prefer the XO and Blend because I am all about blended orgasms.  However, when a luxury sex toy company can create a toy so deep and rumbly sometimes the external orgasm goes so deep it feels like a blended orgasm.  Way to go Le Wand!

Le Wand Chrome Collection

Le Wand Blend Review

The first time I used the Le Wand Blend, I used it the way I was supposed to (ha).  If there is a correct way but what I mean is I let the internal arm reside on my g spot and the smaller arm on my clit.  Which both arms hit exactly where they were supposed to for me.  Le Wand Blend is flexible so I was able to position it perfectly. 

The silicone Le Wand uses is well just luxurious.  Entry was smooth sailing with a little bit of my Sliquid Lube.  The ridges on the internal arm felt amazing! I went through the vibrations and found a pattern I love.  I tend to like the ones that bump back and forth between the arms.  This gives me an intense build up. 

The blended orgasm was so intense, I almost wish it had the afterglow feature of Womanizer Classic 2! Ha Which puts the toy back to the first level of intensity when the orgasm is too intense and your over sensitive.

The second time I used it, I was using the external arm as foreplay on my clit.  Before I ever had a chance to put it inside (as designed) I found myself having an very intense, very deep orgasm.  Le Wand Blend has such deeeppp rumbly vibrations this hit the nerves internally and externally enough to give me a powerful blended orgasm.  Crazy how without being touched internally that can happen with certain toys!  So keep in mind, if you’re playing with your partner Le Wand Blend can be used externally while having sex.

The next time I play with Le Wand Blend, I will incorporate thrusting because I also love doing this with my rabbit style vibrators with and without vibration.

Side Note: Le Wand Blend is Whisper Quiet in the lower intensities.  If you want to hear the demonstration, you can watch my video review.

Le Wand Blend Side View


The motors do not work independently.  This could be an issue if you just wanted the stimulation and not necessarily the vibration say on your clitoris and/or g spot.  I cycled through the 15 vibration modes and could not find one where the clitoral arm did not feel the vibration.  Some with less vibration but none where I just couldn’t feel it.

I’m mentioning this because I have been in sessions where I didn’t want one of the other arms to vibrate, just press against my g spot and/or clit.

Le Wand Blend Video Review

My video reviews show you the packaging, what the toy comes with and demonstrations on how to use the toy.  Also, for Le Wand Blend I do verbally tell you my personal review!! Don’t forget to subscribe, I create a new informative video each Thursday!   

Le Wand Blend Video Review

How to Use Le Wand Blend (3 Easy Buttons)

Le Wand Blend has 3 easy buttons to use! 

Turn on: Press the (+) sign really quick .It immediately should start vibrating.  If it doesn’t, it may be in lock mode. 

Increase Intensity: (+)

Decrease Intensity: (-)

Cycle through the 15 Rumbly Vibration Modes: (o) 

Turn Off: Hold (-) Sign until turns off

Lock Mode 

To get in and out of lock mode, you hold the (+) and (-) buttons down at the same time.  The center (o) light will flash letting you know when you got it in and out of lock mode. 

What Lubes to Use with Le Wand Blend? 

As with most luxurious sex toys, Le Wand Blend is made from silicone.  Make sure to use a water-based lube such as Sliquid.  Using a silicone lube will damage the toy.

How to Clean Le Wand Blend?

Make sure when you are cleaning the Le Wand Blend not to submerge it in water!  Since this toy is showerproof and Le Wand doesn’t mention waterproof, when cleaning you can use warm water and soap.  I personally prefer a toy cleaner such as Foaming Before & After Toy Cleaner.

Features of Le Wand Blend

  • Dual Motors for Blended Orgasms
  • Curve Design for G Spot Stimulation
  • Made from Body-Safe Metal & Silicone
  • Part of the Luxurious Chrome Series
  • Travel Lock
  • 15 Rumbly Vibration Modes
  • 6 Intensity Vibration Levels
  • Travel Lock
  • Whisper Quiet
  • Easy 3 Button Control
  • 2 Hours of Play for 2 Hours of Charge
  • Shower Friendly - Do Not Submerge
  • Rechargeable - No batteries needed
  • Insertable Length - 3.5"
  • Comes in 3 Beautiful Colors: Dark Cherry, Rose Gold & Black

Luxurious Box and Contents

Le Wand Blend Comes with an USB Charger, Instruction Manual, Guide to the Chrome Collection, and a Micro-Suede Travel Pouch.

Le Wand Blend Box Contents



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