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Blended Orgasms - What Are They? (And How do You Have One?)

Written by Charlie Vix


Posted on February 06 2021

As a sex toy store owner, you had better believe I know how to have an orgasm! Better yet I have mastered (many, many years ago) how to have a blended orgasm.  The funny thing is until recently I had no clue there was a term for it until We-Vibe (my favorite sex toy brand by the way) started talking about having Blended Orgasms with one of the toys they were promoting.  I had always called it double or triple orgasms because that is what it felt like to me. 

Woman on Bed

Please note: I do not know the medical terms or just how many nerves are in the vagina to create these blended orgasms; I’m just going to express my knowledge on how I have achieved so many Blended Orgasms and hopefully help you do the same! 

What is a Blended Orgasm?

Am I a Blended Orgasm Expert?

How to Achieve Blended Orgasms with Your Hands?

Best Sex Toys to Achieve a Blended Orgasm (Solo Play)

Want more proof? Check out what these Top Sex Toy Reviewers are saying

How to Achieve Blended Orgasms During Sex? (Couples Play)

Blended Orgasms with Mouth and Fingers


What is a Blended Orgasm? 

What exactly is a blended orgasm?  If you haven’t figured it out just yet, it is when you have an orgasm externally by stimulating your clitoris and internally by stimulating your g spot at the same time!  

In short, orgasms at two different spots at the same time.  Seriously, the best kind of orgasm to achieve.  Why? Because they are intense and can last a long time. I mean who wants just one orgasm when you can have two? 

Am I a Blended Orgasm Expert?

Would I consider myself a blended orgasm expert? Hell yes! And again, not because I know all the medical terms behind it.  I simply know how to create them, a lot of them and in many ways.  By myself, with toys, during sex, with my lover orally and being fingered.  I’m pretty sure for the majority of my life, most of my orgasms have been blended!  Who knew?


Blended Orgasm Expert

Fortunately, I discovered them early on in my masturbation years.  Strange how you figure things out without being taught or the internet educating you. But I did discover them young and it was (and still is) always what I aim to achieve and so should you! I am very in tuned with my vagina and how to make it have amazing orgasms, as I feel all vagina owners should be! 

Hopefully if you are reading this article, it is because you can relate or because you want to have a blended orgasm.  And hopefully I can give you some insight how to achieve them!

How to Achieve Blended Orgasms with Your Hands?

Let’s get started with the basics, learning how to have a blended orgasm with your own hands!  Back in my young masturbation days, prior to finding out all the pleasures a sex toy can give you without all the work, I used my hands to create Blended Orgasms

Bathtub Blended Orgasms

I am right handed so I would take my left-hand middle finger, put it inside my vagina and bend it in a “come hither” motion until it hit my g spot.  Occasionally I would use two fingers.  Depending on my mood, I would just apply pressure, thrust my fingers, gently massage, move them in swirl motions whatever was arousing and pleasing my g spot in that moment. 

While at the same time using my right-hand fingers (the middle 3) to play with my clitoris.  For me, moving them in a circle motion on my clit works the best.  Sometimes I added lube and sometimes I was simply wet enough not to need it.  Oh, the joys of youth! Ha

Blended Orgasms - We-Vibe

I wish I could remember an average time it took to achieve the blended orgasm but I cannot.  Probably because sometimes I wanted them quick so I was fast and furious, you know like when your family is in the other room and your scared they will walk in on you. Ugh And other times, nobody was home so I’d just take my time and let the orgasms build up.  Either way the outcome was just as glorious and powerful. 


Best Sex Toys to Achieve a Blended Orgasm (Solo Play)

Naturally as I got older, I discovered sex toys.  If you read the Meet the Founder section on the homepage of Luxe Vibes, you’ll understand why I opened my online sex toy boutique.  There are so many sex toys on the market designed to create blended orgasms, hence the rabbit style vibrator.  But in this article, I’m just going to tell you my personal favorites.  

 We-Vibe Nova 2 for Blended Orgasms

We-Vibe Nova 2 is hands down the best blended orgasm sex toy ever created.  That claim might be a little over the top but for me it is the best. Period.  We-Vibe mastered the blended orgasm with this toy which just launched August 2020. 

We-Vibe Nova 2 for Blended Orgasms

Nova 2 takes into account all vagina owners are shaped differently so the g spot arm bends to your shape and hits g spots perfectly!  While the smaller arm is designed to never leave your clitoris no matter what you’re doing.  Each arm has a powerful motor with several speeds and vibration patterns to find your perfect combination.

We-Vibe Nova 2 Illustration

Bonus: We-Vibe Nova 2 can be used hands free!  I got it positioned perfectly at the speed I liked and literally just lay there while it gives me a powerful, intense blended orgasm.  Feeling like having lazy blended orgasms? Grab your We-Vibe Nova 2!


We-Vibe Nova 2 in Box

Want more proof? Check out what these Top Sex Toy Reviewers are saying about Nova 2:


This Rabbit gives me the best blended orgasms I’ve ever had with a toy”  - Kasandra Brabaw
“For me, Nova 2 is superb because of how easy it is. Clitoral plus G-spot vibes, that I can move together by holding Nova’s comfortable handle. Two hot spots hit, and I only need to deal with one toy. And of course the new Nova has those spectacularly deep, resonating, vibrations.”Phallophile Reviews
“I am so excited to find out that We-vibe launched Nova 2! I have a big collection of sex toys and Nova is the only rabbit vibe that actually does its dual work. That's why I am so excited to get this upgraded model!” – Jane Louis Her Toys Review


Njoy Pure Wand for Blended Orgasms 

Njoy Pure Wand is my second choice for toys that give me blended orgasms. Yes, I’m aware Njoy Pure Wand is not designed for blended orgasms like a rabbit style vibrator, however, nothing quit hits the g spot better than the mythical njoy Pure Wand.  You can read my review here. 

njoy pure wand in box

Because this toy hits my g spot so amazingly, it is easy to use my hand for the clitoral stimulation while I’m either holding steady or thrusting my g spot with the pure wand.  Again, over the top blended orgasms. 

The crazy thing is njoy pure wand does not vibrate but the cold, hard smooth steel is a sensation like no other!  Make sure to add lube such as Sliquid Silver or Sliquid H2o before putting the pure wand inside. 

Side Note: I have recently used it with the Lelo Sila Clitoral Vibe….wow just wow. If you don’t feel like using your hand. 

njoy Pure Wand

Womanizer Duo for Blended Orgasms

Womanizer Duo is my third choiceDuo will give you a different kind of blended orgasm since it uses Air Pressure technology to stimulate the clit while the arm stimulates (vibrates) on the g spot.  I just want to add whomever developed toys with the air pressure, sonic waves technology is a genius.  

Womanizer Duo

For me, it created a whole new realm of orgasms.  Unexplainable, powerful external orgasms.  One minute your laying there with this toy on your clit, the next you’re having a powerful orgasm out of nowhere.  

It’s absurd and extraordinary all at the same time and I love it! So with the Duo you’re getting the pleasure air and g spot vibrations to bring you to a magical blended orgasm.  

Womanizer Duo

How to Achieve Blended Orgasms During Sex? (Couples Play)

Blended Orgasms can be achieved in so many ways with sex.  Here are a few ideas: 

  • You are penetrated while you massage your clitoris. Since we are all shaped differently (as are the people penetrating us) try several positions to figure out which one hits your g spot the best.  My personal favorite is being penetrated from behind while I play with my clit.
We-Vibe Melt for Blended Orgasms
  • Use a toy on your clitoris while being penetrated. We-Vibe Melt has a flatter design than say the Womanzier to use on your clitoris while being penetrated.  The flatter design allows for you to use the toy in pretty much any position, it lays nicely between you!  Or you could just use a bullet vibrator like the Femme Funn Ultra Bullet. 
We-Vibe Melt in Use
  • We-Vibe Chorus is designed specifically for couples to use during sex and for blended orgasms. One end of the Chorus slides inside to vibrate on your g spot while the other part lays and vibrates on your clitoris. The bonus to this toy, designed for couples play, is your lover can feel the vibrations while inside of you too!
We-Vibe Chorus for Blended Orgasms


Blended Orgasms with Mouth and Fingers 

If you can allow yourself to relax and have a lover that knows what they are doing, this is an amazing way to have a blended orgasm.  This was probably the hardest for me to achieve.  And here is why, I love penetration so I would get impatient and just want to have sex. 

Eventually I let myself go and really allowed myself to enjoy this kind of blended orgasm. I’m glad I did, it tends to turn your lover on and therefore it can be even more exciting for you. Most of the time only one finger is used to press or “come hither” on my g spot.  While the tongue is kissing and sucking and licking all over my clitoris.  It does take longer for me to achieve blended orgasm this way but when I do, it is so worth the wait.


Possibly you have already had blended orgasms and simply didn’t know the term, like me.  If you have never had a blended orgasm, hopefully I have given you some insight on how to create them for yourself or give to your lover! Once you have one, you will never go back to plain old one spot orgasms.



  • This was great! Excellent reccomendations and great description of the “blended” experience. I have been a customer before and bought my first Duo (I say first because I may have burned out the motor about a year into owning it) from Luxe Vibes. It surprised the hell out of me after I really relaxed into it. Out of nowhere orgasm is the correct description. Like a left hook from the darkness and I was kinda shocked how good it was. It isn’t always this experience, because if I am not properly relaxed and in the right headspace it will take a long while to get there or I just end up getting frustrated I am not turned on fast enough to enjoy and give up. But consistently I have found the Womanizer Duo, sometimes followed by a tantus toy because I get worked up, that brings show stopping orgasms. I’m curious to try the other products you have mentioned here. Thanks for sharing your insightful observations!

    Posted by S | July 24, 2021
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