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Le Wand Crystal Yoni Eggs

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Le Wand Crystal Yoni Eggs come in two types of crystal, rose quartz and black obsidian.  Crystals have been long believed to have healing powers, each stone with its own energy.  These Yoni Eggs are 100% natural crystals, can be used as a vaginal exercise tool, can be used with any type of lube and body-safe.

Le Wand Yoni Stones in Silicone Strap

Features of Le Wand Crystal Yoni Eggs:

  • Waterproof
  • Can do body temperature play (do not boil or freeze)
  • Diameter: 1.18"
  • Item Height: 1.75"
  • 100% Natural Crystal (Body Safe)
  • Compatible with all Lubes
  • Vaginal Exercise Tool
  • Two Types of Crystals to chose from: Rose Quartz & Black Obsidian
Yoni Eggs in Hand

How to Use Le Wand Crystal Yoni Eggs?

Le Wand Yoni Eggs comes with a 94 page hard cover guide to Crystal Pleasure Tools!     Traditionally Crystal Yoni Eggs are used internally as an exercise tool to strengthen the pelvic floor.  However, these are so beautifully crafted, you may want to use them as decor!  


"By inserting the Le Wand Crystal Yoni Eggs into the vagina, you may reap an astounding array of physical and sexual benefits. These beginner-friendly yoni eggs are known to:

  • Ease menstrual discomfort
  • Improve urinary incontinence
  • Support recovery after childbirth
  • Restore the elasticity of the vagina
  • Help to produce natural lubrication"
Le Wand Crystal Yoni Egg Rose Quartz in Hand

How to Wash Crystal Yoni Eggs and What Lubes to Use

Washing the Crystal Yoni Eggs is simple, use a damp cloth with mild soap. Be sure to get all the soap residue off the eggs before drying.  You can also use a toy cleaner such as Before & After Foaming Toy Cleaner.  Keep in mind although they crystal is body-safe it can be porous.  Although it would be difficult for bacteria to seep in, it is suggested to use a condom with your crystals if sharing them with a lover.

"If you want to spiritually connect with your crystal, you can also cleanse its energy prior to and after use with a solution of sea salt and water, the smoke of sage, gentle sunlight, or the light of a full moon. For more information, please refer to the Guide to Crystal Pleasure Tools included in the package."

Any type of lube can be used with the Le Wand Yoni Eggs.  However, do know the silicone sleeve that comes with the Yoni Eggs can only be used with a water based lube

Le Wand Yoni Eggs Black Obsidian in Box

What Comes with Le Wand Crystal Yoni Eggs?

Inside the gift worthy box the Crystal Yoni Eggs come in, there is a silicone sleeve you can put them in if you prefer to do your exercises that way.  A 94 hard cover Guide to Crystal Pleasure Tools, a storage bag and care instructions.

Box Contents of Le Wand Crystal Yoni Eggs