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Kegebell was created to strengthen the pelvic floor to take back control of life. When the muscles of the pelvic floor (think vagina) are strong again, a wide range of benefits can come to life, from the return of natural lubrication to the improved sex drive that comes from the collective benefits of elimination of leakage, enhanced orgasm, and improved squeeze.

How to Change KegelBell Weights


What does KegelBell Come With?

Pelvic Floor Muscle Weight Training Kit Includes: 2 Inserts Made of Medical Grade Silicone and 3 External Weights

*Traning levels start at 30 grams and go up to 240 grams

KegelBell Comes With

Features of KegelBell:

  • Item Diameter 4
  • Item Height 4
  • Materials Medical Grade Silicone
  • Water Resistance Waterproof

KegelBell is Easy to Wash

Just wash with warm water and soap!

Washing KegelBell