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Njoy Pure Plug Comparison

Written by Charlie Vix


Posted on March 05 2022

The njoy pure plug line is one of elegance and beauty.  Yes, that is exactly how I feel about njoy pure plugs and wands.  To say that about a sex toy line may be a stretch but wait until you own one and you will get all the same feels. 

I’ve always thought the njoy brand is the Tiffany’s of sex toys made from beautifully crafted stainless steel, with the appeal of a Tiffany’s piece of jewelry.  In fact, I covet the plugs and pure wand as I would an expensive piece of jewelry.

njoy pure plugs laying next to each other

Not only are they visually pleasing, njoy pure plugs create unsurmountable pleasure in your booty!  So let’s break down the sizes and find the right njoy pure plug for you to buy in this Njoy Pure Plug Comparison!

Njoy Pure Plug Small

Small, discreet, and most importantly beginner-friendly. The smallest of the bunch, the Njoy Pure Plug Small stands at an adorable one-inch or 25 mm width. It’s perfect for newbies that want to explore the world of anal play. The narrow width combined with the pointed tip makes it easy to insert with minimal discomfort.

Like all challenges, the recommendation is to start small, which makes this the perfect butt plug for first-timers. Aside from finding a good lubricant, the best advice I can give you is to relax. Anal sphincter tone is something we can consciously control. So the more tense and stressed out you are, the tighter it becomes. Give yourself time to chill out and relax before using a butt plug for the first time and it will make your experience easier and more enjoyable.

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Njoy Pure Plug Medium

The Njoy Pure Plug Medium is the best seller of all the pure plugs!  In fact, many purchase the njoy pure wand and the njoy pure plug medium at the same time.

Why is it a the best seller? Probably because most have experienced anal play before and even own a few butt plugs, but now want to take it to the next level. That’s where the Medium Njoy Pure Plug comes in! The medium-sized Pure Plug is 1.25 inches or 32 mm. It’s a whole quarter inch wider than its smaller counterpart allowing for deeper penetration and stretching of the anal sphincter.

njoy pure plug medium

I can attest that when using the njoy pure wand at the same time as the njoy pure plug medium, the blended orgasm experience is off the charts!

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Njoy Pure Plug Large

This butt plug isn’t for the faint of heart. The bulbous tip measures a whopping 1.5 inches or 38 mm in width. It’s an advanced-level butt plug that experienced anal play lovers will love. The Njoy Pure Plug Large provides you with a sense of fullness back there that you won’t get from the other two. 

njoy pure plug large up right

Lube is your best friend when inserting a larger butt plug such as this one. Fortunately, the smooth stainless steel with a little lube is easier to insert than butt plugs made from other materials.

Buy Njoy Pure Plug Large

If you are looking for something larger, then you might want to try Pure Plug 2.0!

Njoy Pure Plug 2.0 XL

If you are a very advanced butt plug user and bigger is just better for you, I’m happy to announce that Njoy has an even bigger option, the Njoy Pure Plug 2.0. They say it’s (a lot) more of a good thing.

njoy pure plug 2.0 XL

This butt plug has an insertable length of 3.5 inches or 89 mm, a head width of 2 inches or 51 mm, and weighs a hefty 1.31 lbs or 600 grams. Like its older versions, the Pure Plug 2.0 is crafted in high-quality stainless steel.

Buy Njoy Pure 2.0 XL

How To Use The Njoy Pure Plugs 

The Njoy Pure Plugs can be used with a partner or to spice up your solo play. After all, versatility is the spice of life. In addition to its stimulating design, the weight of the steel adds to the pleasurable sensation. These plugs truly up the game in the bedroom.

First of all, the loop at the bottom of this plug makes it easy to grasp. You can maneuver it to any angle that your heart desires. You don’t have to depend on a partner to move the toy around as it is easy to manipulate by yourself in the middle of a love-making session. Njoy Pure Plugs can stimulate the powerfully pleasurable nerve endings in women through anal penetration and the P-spot in men.

njoy pure plug loop handle

In addition to that, if you’re someone who’s just getting into butt play, the Pure Plug is a great place to start. However, I do recommend using lubricant to avoid any discomfort or friction. Unlike other butt plugs on the market which are predominantly silicone and can only be used with a water-based lubricant, the Njoy Pure Plugs can be used with virtually any lubricant because it doesn’t corrode or destroy the surface of the butt plug.

Reminders for the first-timers though, when it comes to butt stuff, use a thicker lubricant. It provides more protection to the delicate parts of your bottom. 

Here are a few tips and tricks to make using your Njoy Pure Plugs more enjoyable: 

  • I said it earlier, but I’ll say it again: use a lubricant. Lube makes everything better in the bedroom, especially when it comes to butt plugs. Sliquid Sassy is one of my favorite booty lubes!
Sliquid Sassy Booty Formula
  • Do not try to insert your butt plug all in one go. Do it gradually by pressing the tip of your Njoy Pure Plug against the opening of your anus and then very gradually increase the pressure until you can feel the length of the Njoy Pure Plug inside of you.
  • Go slow, there’s no rush. Count the process as foreplay. If you can’t get your butt plug in on the first try take a deep breath, put it down, and try again later.
  • If it’s your first time using a butt plug, get yourself into the right headspace. Start the night off with a nice hot bath surrounded by candles and sexy music, stimulate your anus by other means such as your fingers, do anything that helps you to relax.
  • Size down (initially). You may be excited when buying your first butt plug and you might buy a size that’s too big for you to handle. Try out something small first. Butt plugs take practice.
njoy pure plug sizes

How to Clean Your Njoy Pure Plugs

It’s very important to clean and sanitize sex toys, particularly butt plugs to avoid the inoculation of bacteria. Cleaning pleasure items such as these ones are non-negotiable aside from keeping your toys hygienic, you also want them to last as long as possible.

The Before and After Foaming Cleanser pairs fabulously with the Njoy Pure Plugs. It’s powered by naturally derived ingredients and is proven to kill 99.9% of germs. As the name implies, wash your Pure Plugs before and after use to ensure maximum safety and cleanliness. Simply lather your butt plug with Before and After Foaming Cleanser, wash it off with warm water, pat them dry, and they’re good to go for storing and/or use.

Before and After Foaming Toy Cleaner

When not in use, store your Njoy Pure Plugs in the box they come in in a cool, dry area to preserve the quality and cleanliness of your butt plugs. Stainless steel is highly resistant to corrosion and rust but it’s better to err on the side of caution to maintain the quality of the Njoy Pure Plugs.

Njoy Pure Plugs Features 

  • Stainless Steel - Genius material for sex toys because it’s totally safe for the body, impenetrable, and phthalates-free. However, I wouldn’t recommend using bleach or anything abrasive to clean your butt plugs. Njoy Pure Plugs are polished to perfection making them cool and sleek.


  • Packaged Beautifully - The Njoy pure plugs box is protected by a white glossy cardboard sleeve with a black Njoy logo printed on it. It’s very minimalist and discreet looking so you don’t have to worry about anyone figuring out what’s in the box. Once you remove the sleeve you’re greeted by a black box with a silver logo. Super classy! Upon opening the box, you’ll find the Njoy Pure Plug nestled in a bed of bright pink satin. Talk about a luxurious experience.
njoy pure plugs in boxes


  • Ideal for Anal Enthusiasts - Large, heavy, and exceptional. If you want to Njoy, this is the best stainless butt plug.


  • Easy to Place - Njoy Pure Plug have an angled tip for smooth insertion, while its loop at the base allows safe twirling for perfect simulation.


  • Gender Neutral - because of its teardrop shape, it can be shared between partners. Easy to sterilize too!


  • Temperature Play - What’s cool about this plug is that you can play with it, you can warm it up or cool it down without damaging the product. To warm up your Njoy Pure Plugs soak them in warm water and to cool them down you can put them over ice. But, be careful! Steel warms up fast and you might burn yourself.


  • Travel Friendly and Discreet - Traveling with the Njoy Pure Plug is so easy because of how small and discrete it is. Fair warning that it may show up in your luggage when it passes through the scanner but that’s between you and TSA, nobody else has to know.


Final Thoughts

When you ask me for a recommendation on a butt plug, chances are I will definitely recommend Njoy Pure Plugs, These stainless plugs are heaven-sent and made specifically for your anal pleasure. It comes in three sizes (well four actually) that you can choose from. You may also try using it with Njoy Pure Wand for an out-of-this-world experience. All of Njoy’s toys are made from stainless steel. Stainless steel is a great material for butt plugs. In addition to that, it is compatible with any kind of lube and It holds up well to temperature changes.


We’re pretty sure the Njoy Pure Plugs will be your new favorite toy in the bedroom.


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