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NobEssence Tryst Wooden Dildo

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Perfect for solo play or spicing things up with your partner, the NobEssence Tryst Sculptured is a wonderfully hand-crafted, sustainable and body-safe wooden dildo that promises wind-knocking pleasure. This wooden dildo beautifully stands out with its well-thought sculpted form brilliant for prostate or G-spot massage and smooth, highly glossy look- thanks to its one of a kind Lubrosity coating. Lighter than glass and steel, it’s handy to bring anywhere you desire.

Please Note: Color of the wood may vary from the pictures!

NobEssence Tryst Wooden Dildo

How to Use the NobEssence Tyrst

Feel good stimulating your G-spot by simply gripping the Tryst’s beaded end handle and rocking the toy or moving it in a circular motion. Only a little lube (such as Sliquid H20) is needed as this sculpture easily glides into place. Want to try a different feel? Turn the toy to its large end and enjoy a finely targeted, broad stimulation that hits the right spot. The lightness of this multi-use master craft combined with the intense sensations brought from simple motions mean you can rock it out for extended periods of time.

Sliquid H20

NobEssence Tryst Features 

Warranty. The Tryst comes with a 30-day warranty from the manufacturer.

Compatible for all lubricants. The slightest spot of lubrication makes it slick and slippery - compatible with all known lubricants - a little goes a long way. 

Anal Safe. Designed with a flared base, you can try some anal fun and make sure to use lube,as well.

Waterproof. Good to go for a good cleaning in the sink or run time in the shower as this wooden dildo’s coating involves a medical grade polymer (bacteria resistant, moisture resistant, and hypoallergenic).

No Phthalates. No chemicals will harm your body so you don’t have to worry about itching, burning, rashes, and tissue damage.

USA Made. Hand-select wood, carved, and polished sculptures with the highest American standards of craftsmanship.

What Comes with the Box NobEssence Tryst

The NobEssence Tryst Sculptured Hardwood Dildo is packaged in a beautifully designed sturdy box and comes with a sample size lubricant of Sliquid.

 NobEssence Tryst in Box

How to Clean the NobEssence Tyrst

Wash Tryst with warm water and non-abrasive soap or wipe down with anti-bacterial/microbial cleaner. Compatible with most lubricants including oils, water/glycerin and silicone-based lubricants.


  • 10 inches long
  • Larger end boasts a 1.5 inch bulb
  • Widens to a 2 inch body
  • Smaller end is 1.25 inches at its widest point