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njoy Eleven

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njoy eleven can be described as a big freakin dildo!  Not only does it boast a length of 11" long; it is very heavy for a dildo, weighing in at 2.75 pounds.  njoy designs only a handful but the very best stainless steel sex toys.  The all time best selling njoy pure wand is a baby compared to this monster dildo!  njoy eleven was not designed for a beginner, you gotta know what you are in for with this big, heavy dildo! 

 njoy eleven measurements

 How to Use the Njoy Eleven?

 There are two bulbous ends of the njoy eleven.  One end has a 1.75" circumference while the other end has a 2" circumference.  If you are new to big dildos, start with the smaller end but whatever you do add lube and lots of it!  Since this is 100% Stainless Steel, you can use any kind of lube you like! Luxe Vibes suggest a silicone, water hybrid like Sliquid Silver.  Once you and your toy are lubed up, relax! This big boy is not going in easy if you are tense.  There is a curve so you can use this as a g spot toy.  Many couples enjoy a partner inserting the njoy eleven. The stainless steel allows for heating and cooling play too! Run it under warm or cold water prior to use and enjoy the varying sensations!

Please Note: This is a vaginal toy, not an anal toy.  Remember anal toys are designed with a base so it does not get sucked in and lost in your intestines!

njoy eleven with storage bag

How to Clean Njoy Eleven?

One of the biggest perks to njoy toys being stainless steel, they are non-poruos and so easy to clean.  Maybe not easy to hide but very easy to clean! 

  • Wash with Hot Water and Soap
  • Put in Boiling Water
  • Throw it in the Dishwasher! (Yes you can do this!)


Features of Njoy Eleven

  • Easy to Clean
  • Waterproof
  • 11" Long
  • 1.75" Smaller End Circumference 
  • 2.00" Larger End Circumference
  • Weight - 2.75 pounds
  • Material - Stainless Steel
  • Comes with Leather Storage Bag

njoy eleven comes with leather storage bag



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