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Balldo is the first dildo created to use the balls for having penetrative sex!  It can give the wearer a ballgasm.  Yes, you read that right, a ballgasm.  The balls have over 6000 nerve endings similar to a vulva, so why shouldn't you have a ballgasm? 

Balldo is made from premium silicone that can stretch over balls with ease.  Turning the balls into a dildo. The creators of this unique sex toy, have created a way for the balls to have pleasure while having sex!  Genious! 

Please NotePictures make the Purple Balldo appear Pink

Balldo Sideview

How to Use Balldo

How to use Balldo is pretty simple.  Start by shaving/manscaping the balls, to prevent the hair from pulling and causing discomfort. 

Next, apply water-based lube to the balls (make sure it is water-based since the Balldo is silicone). 

Now pull the stretchy rim of the Balldo and put your balls inside.  Make sure your balls are seated out the sides properly for maximum pleasure.

Take one of the spacer rings and pull it over the top of the Balldo and balls.  Repeat with the next spacer ring.

Now your balls will be firm enough to act like a dildo!

Balldo on the Balls

Features of Balldo

  • Tip of Balldo no wider than most penises
  • Super Stretchy Upper Ring
  • Waterproof
  • Insertable Length: 8"
  • Made from Body Safe Silicone
  • Waterproof
  • Never Lose Your Ball Erection

Balldo Packaging

Balldo Spacers

Need extra spacing rings? Luxe Vibes has you covered.  Click picture below to get your extra spacers for the Balldo.