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Which Womanizer to Buy? Womanizer Product Comparison (2024)

If you are wondering Which Womanizer to Buy, you are probably already or somewhat familiar with the Pleasure Air Technology sex toys that go by the name Womanizer. Possibly by seeing them all over the internet as best sellers or one of your friends is raving about them. 

But with so many models, it may be difficult for you to determine which one is best for you! We, at Luxe Vibes, are going to give you a Womanizer Product Comparison so you will not leave you wondering Which Womanizer to Buy! Also, this article will include a video comparing some of the different models.

Womanizer Comparison

As the owner of Luxe Vibes, I can honestly say MOST of my friends have and love one of the below Womanizer Models!  When they come asking, where do I start with sex toys? Or which one do I need because my current one is getting old? I suggest a Womanizer.  

It is absolutely mind blowing and a must have in every toy box. Several of my friends started with a Starlet 3 Model and have moved all the way up to the Premium 2, yes they are that good of a sex toy!  Fortunately, they make them in several models to fit your budget and your desired pleasure.

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Yes that's me in the video, Charlie, the sole owner of Luxe Vibes Boutique!  As you can see, I not only sell the toys on my site...I test the brands to make sure I'm offering toys that are of the highest in luxury & quality, developed with body-safe materials, align with my health conscious goals and ultimately give the pleasure they were designed to.

Luxe Vibes Boutique was created to help (and educate) women on discovering toys that work best for them and for women to have a safe, discreet place to shop without embarrassment!  I firmly believe that every woman deserves the stress release and all the other health benefits that come with orgasms.

Which Womanizer is Going to Give You Earth Shattering Orgasms?

Specialty: Quick Orgasms, Couples Play, Beginners

Colors: Teal,Indigo,Gray,Pink, Violet

Length, Weight: 4.5", 2.5 oz

Intensity Levels: 6

Charge Time: 30 Min

Play Time: 30 Min

Charging: USB Magnetic Charger

Material: Silicone Head, Abs Plastic Body


Storage: None

Extra Heads: No

Warranty: 1 Year Luxe Vibes,   5 Years Womanizer

Specialty: Lily Allen Endorsed, Travel Cover, Smallest

Colors: Petrol, Purple, Rose, Sage

Length, Weight: 4.2", 3 oz

Intensity Levels: 6

Charge Time: 1 Hour

Play Time: 2 Hours

Charging: USB Magnetic Charger

Material: Silicone Head, Abs Plastic Body


Storage: Magnetic Closing Cap

Extra Heads: No

Warranty: 1 Year Luxe Vibes,   

5 Years Womanizer

Womanizer Blend Pink

Womanizer Blend



Dual Stimulation, Light Weight, 2 Motors

Colors: Blue, Pink, Rose

Length, Weight: 4.4", 6.5 oz

Intensity Levels: 8

Vibrations: 6 Modes 

Charge Time: 1.5 Hours

Play Time: 1.5 Hours

Charging: USB Magnetic Charger

Material: Silicone & Abs Plastic


Storage: Box

Extra Heads: No

Warranty: 1 Year Luxe Vibes,   

5 Years Womanizer

Specialty: Autopilot & Smart Silence, "Prada of Sex Toys"

Colors: Bordeaux, Black, Blueberry,


Length, Weight: 6.1", 4.9 oz

Intensity Levels: 14

Charge Time: 2 Hour

Play Time: 4 Hours

Charging: USB Magnetic Charger

Material: Silicone


Storage: Go Love Yourself Storage Bag

Extra Heads: Yes

Warranty: 1 Year Luxe Vibes,   5 Years Womanizer




Specialty: 3D Pleasure Air, Afterglow, Autopilot & Smart Silence,

Colors: Dark Purple, Sage, Black

Length, Weight: 6.1", 17 oz

Intensity Levels: 14

Charge Time: 2 Hour

Play Time: 2 Hours

Charging: USB Magnetic Charger

Material: Silicone


Storage: Go Love Yourself Storage Bag

Extra Heads: Yes

Warranty: 1 Year Luxe Vibes,   5 Years Womanizer

Specialty: Dual Stimulation, Afterglow, 2 Motors & Smart Silence

Colors: Black, Bordeaux, Lilac, Blue, Petrol

Length, Weight: 6.1", 9 oz

Intensity Levels: 14

Charge Time: 2 Hour

Play Time: 2 Hours

Charging: USB Magnetic Charger

Material: Silicone


Storage: Go Love Yourself Storage Bag

Extra Heads: Yes

Warranty: 1 Year Luxe Vibes,   5 Years Womanizer

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Womanizer Model Video Review

What our customers are saying!

Womanizer Comparison Video
Womanizer Comparison Video 2

Womanizer Starlet 3

Starting off this list, the Womanizer Starlet 3 stands out as the go-to choice for beginners (and those that are curious but don’t want to break the bank).

Womanizers are known to give fast, unexplainable orgasms.  Starlet 3 is perfect for orgasms when you're always on the go and need to get off fast!

The Starlet 3 is one of the more budget-friendly models that Womanizer has to offer. Priced at a reasonable $79, you can easily get this toy for yourself, try it out, have your mind blown, and then you can start considering the other models and the various features they provide.

Just like the rest of the models on this list, the Starlet 3 uses Pleasure Air Technology to give your clitoris some intimate loving with or without any direct contact.

Gentle vibrations create pulses of air that suck and massage to give you an extraordinary orgasmic experience. You can enjoy contact-free clitoral stimulation with this unique sex toy if that is your preference. Some still enjoy contact with this toy.

This third edition model (hence, the 3 in its name) comes with a flatter tip and 6 intensity levels. That is right! You can switch between 6 different modes to adjust the shifting waves of air pulses based on your desired strength and speed. No matter what mood you are in, you will always have the right setting waiting for you.

We-Vibe Unite on Bed
We-Vibe Unite with Couple on Bed

The levels are also perfectly balanced and transition smoothly from one setting to the next so it does not take you out of the experience. You can start by discovering the different modes of intensity and then you can slowly let yourself fall deeper into the pleasurable moment.

With only 2 buttons, changing intensity levels is much easier with the Starlet 3, making this sex toy a very user-friendly and customizable sex companion.

While the Starlet 1 was splash-proof, this version is 100% water-proof so you can take your time to enjoy every little sensation while in a bath or a shower without stressing about anything at all.


Womanizer Liberty 2

Womanizer Liberty 2 Box Contents

Liberty 2 was designed with travel in mind!  It doesn't matter if it's a girl's trip, work trip, or romantic trip...throw this little compact sex toy in your bag for orgasms anywhere.  The discreet size, magnetic storage cover, and travel lock make the perfect travel companion.

Upgrades to the smallest Womanizer include: two more intensities, now you have eight to chose from.  A stronger magnetic closure so throwing it in your bag or purse will not expose or open it.  The abs plastic has a soft touch instead of hard.  

The main goal of this model, as the product of a collaboration between Lily Allen and Womanizer, is to show that everyone is free to be sexually fulfilled and intimately satisfied. By creating this device together, every woman has a chance to experience a vibrant and empowering sexual life like no other.

There is no shame in masturbation, it is normal and healthy!  I love that Lily Allen is brave enough to get out there and support self pleasure. And let’s face it, when artist come out supporting a sex toy, you know it’s amazing!

We-Vibe Match with Couple

This quote/review from Maria is exactly what happens!  You get your first Womanizer and you have to tell all your friends about it because wow, just wow.  Oddly it's so hard to describe the pleasure a Womanizer Liberty (really any model) can give you in a matter of minutes or seconds.

Created as a bright and bold expression of self-love, the Womanizer Liberty aims to show that self-pleasure is a normal and beautiful thing. Sing (or scream) your heart out as you experience the unique and powerful pleasure this sex toy can give you for only $99. 

It comes with a magnetic closing cap for discreet and hygienic storage so you can conceal the toy wherever you wish to take it. It is a great travel companion whether in the tub, on the road, or even on a plane – it will definitely spice up all your sexual adventures!

This model is built for duration and power. The Liberty can last up to two hours with no breaks with only 1 hour of charging, With 6 different levels of intensity, you are sure to find the best setting for your every mood. All packages also include two different sized simulator heads for better customization and compatibility.

We-Vibe Match on Bed


Womanizer Classic 2

We-Vibe Sync Teal with App

The Classic model with upgrades, introducing Womanizer Classic 2! Ready to move to the next level of Womanizer? The Classic 2 has a longer handle than say the Starlet 3 or Liberty. Classic 2 cost $129 and are great for gift giving or just adding to your toy box.

It has more features than the smaller models, more of a luxury. This newer model boast 10 intensity levels from it's previous 8 intensity levels.

Fun Fact: Womanizer did a study that showed Masturbation can actually relieve menstrual symptoms.  Even better, I'm proof of this! I never had all the horrific menstrual pain some of my friends did --who knew it is because I masturbate all the time!

Want to celebrate a sexy icon? Womanizer designed Classic 2 Marilyn Monroe to do just that....with four elegant colors in luxurious Marilyn Monroe packaging!

"One true original recognizes another - Womanizer honors the unforgettable icon Marilyn Monroe with an elegant, joyful tribute - an indulgent clitoral stimulator for the free-spirited."

We-Vibe Sync Pink in Water

Womanizer Classic 2 has a new feature called Afterglow! When you are about to climax hit the on button and it will take you back to the lowest setting so you can lesson the intensity of the toy while enjoying your orgasm. This was a feature added by Womanizer listening to their customer! Oh and you can play with Classic 2 in the bath!


Womanizer Premium 2

Want top luxury of the sex toy world? The upgraded Womanizer Premium 2 has got you covered! Womanizer themselves refers to this as the “Prada of Sex Toys!” Luxe Vibes already carries the Tiffany’s of sex toys, the njoy pure wand, why not carry the Prada!? 

Let’s just say at $199, you get what you pay for….Luxury! This is one of highest quality Womanizer models created from silky smooth body safe silicone (not just the head).

We-Vibe Chorus Pink with Black Backgound

Womanizer Premium 2 has all the bells and whistles of the original Premium but with improvements. For instance, the Autopilot 2.0 feature has been improved to meet customers request. 

The Autopilot Feature 2.0 alternates between intensities so you never know what’s coming, creating an exciting adventure to reach climax. 

Premium 2 added two more intensities so now instead of 12 you get 14 to choose from. Take your time with this beauty, you’ve got 4 hours of play time once fully charged! 

The Smart Silence feature allows for discreet playtime, since it only turns on when touching skin. You can turn this feature off if you’d like your Premium 2 to stay constant.

Don’t forget it’s waterproof so shower and bath play are an option!

We-Vibe Chorus Pink with Couple


Womanizer Duo 2

Introducing the ultimate Womanizer, the cream of the crop, the Womanizer DUO 2.  Experience full body orgasms with Duo 2!

The new DUO 2 rabbit by Womanizer maximizes your orgasmic experience with all-around stimulation. Other than the Pleasure Air Technology feature, this model comes with a G-spot vibrator. Double trouble? How about double Big-Os! In fact, the orgasms are so powerful it feels like a full body orgasm.

Experience the explosive power of simultaneous stimulation between your clitoris and G-spot. This device alternates between gently pulling and pushing on your bud with powerful air pulses while massaging the deepest and most erogenous part of your sex with intense and internal vibrations. The arm is ergonomically designed with just the right curve and shape to hit all the right places.

Now you are probably imagining a chaotic pattern of stimulation on these two areas. But that is not the case at all! The Womanizer DUO’s technology is designed to carefully balance between deep and sensual vibrations from the internal arm and well-balance clitoral massages. The result is an extraordinary orgasmic flow that spreads all over your body!

It is a bigger model than the rest, reaching an astounding 8 inches in size. But what it lacks in compactness, it makes up for in performance. With 12 different intensity levels, you can customize your sexual experience based on your mood and preference.

Just like the Premium, this device has a Smart Silence feature that stays quiet during use and turns off immediately after losing contact with your skin. There is no need to stress out about noise and buttons during your quality me-time. The upgraded Duo 2 has the Afterglow Feature like the Classic 2!

It is also 100% waterproof, comes with a storage bag and an extra head, and has a magnetic USB port for convenient and fast charging. Use it for up to 4 hours with only 2 hours of charging. The device’s ergonomic silicone exterior is very satisfying and feels incredibly comfortable on your skin.


Womanizer OG - Pleasure Air G-Spot Vibrator

Ready to Journey to Ecstasy?

Let Womanizer OG take you there! As with the rest of the models, there is no description that gives OG its justice on how it feels.  But it feels amazing and the release is over the top.  

Womanizer OG is for women really in tuned to their g spot, more for an advanced user.  Unlike the other models of Womanizer that can give you crazy fast orgasms, OG is truly a journey.  For me, it was a build up of pleasure then just an explosion of a g spot orgasm.

You know what's great about the Womanizer OG? Yes it was designed to give Air Pleasure Technology (and Vibrations) to your g spot but if you feel like switching it up or want a little foreplay, you can use it on your clitoris as well! 

Womanizer gave this beauty all the bells and whistles! 

Smart Silence Feature
12 Levels of Air Pleasure Technology
3 Vibration Intensities
Afterglow Feature
Simultaneous stimulation
Shaped for pleasure



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