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How Vibrators Influence Sensitivity

Written by Charlie Vix


Posted on May 05 2016

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Diamonds are every girl’s best friend, but they don’t keep you warm at night. To be completely honest, vibrators can’t keep you warm either, but they can make you sweat a lot. Right? So, are vibrators a girl’s very best friend? Well, their numbers and a growing abundance of available models strongly support a theory of strong and long-lasting friendship. Yet, there are some questions spoiling the fun and more importantly pleasure. Are we becoming overly dependent on vibrators? Are we in danger of losing or weakening our sensitivity because of vibrators? 

Is It Really Better Than The Real Thing?

If you keep saying yourself that your little “helper” is to help you get through until you’re back in the real game, we have to say, you’re doing it all wrong. If you think of your vibrator as a temporary substitute then this is what you’re going to get. How about a different approach? While using your vibrator you have an excellent opportunity to know yourself better. Then, when the time comes for you partner to jump in, you’ll be able to experience intense and more pleasurable orgasms. Talking about your partner. Remember, three is never a crowd if you know how to use a vibrator properly.

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So, what’s our main conclusion here? Well, it turns out that a vibrator can influence your sensitivity in a very positive way. You can open the hidden doors to your sensuality and enjoy sex like never before.

Haters Gonna Hate, But There’s No Orgasm On A Silver Plate

Who in the world could possibly have something against vibrators and their frequent use? It turns out that there are people who are still afraid of the women’s sexuality “on the loose”. Oh dear, a vibrator allows women to hit the orgasm zone on their own. How disrespectful of them. What happened with the concept of self-discovery and self-exploration? Do you really believe these ridiculous claims that using a vibrator will make you feel like less of a sensual woman? The last time we checked the middle age was over. Or, do we still need to burn some vibrators to feel better?

What’s Wrong With This Question?

Now that we know what the real problem is, let’s ask the right question. How much vibrators contribute to my sensuality? You can rest assured quite a lot. If you use the word “influence” you’re already suggesting that something isn’t right and we should prepare ourselves for a negative outcome. Vibrators. We love them. We need them. They work in silence and produce loud results. Let them do all the talking.

How does Luxe Vibes Boutique feel about vibrators and your sensitivity? Well, we have an entire product section reserved only for vibrators. Your sensitivity doesn’t talk, it rather vibrates. So, let yourself go. Let’s find the most suitable model for you together. Your unlocked sensitivity will prove us right. Don’t bother yourself with silly questions. Life is too short, enjoy the right vibration.

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