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Womanizer Classic 2 Review

Written by Charlie Vix


Posted on March 24 2022

I did not own the original Womanizer Classic so I do not have that to compare to this upgraded model.  I can, however, explain to you the upgrades that were developed by Womanizer.  And most importantly I can give you my personal review of the Womanizer Classic 2.  Especially since I have used it MANY times.  Classic 2 is currently one of my go to sex toys. 

What is the Afterglow Feature of Womanizer Classic 2

Before I give you my review, I need to explain the upgrades and the Afterglow Feature of Womanizer Classic 2.  The Afterglow Feature was designed so when you are climaxing and the intensity is just too much on your clitoris, one click of a button and you're back down to the first level of intensity.  Allowing you to "relax into your orgasm." 

Keep in mind, Womanizer Classic 2 is the only model that has this feature.  So if you've used a Womanizer and right at the end it's just too much stimulation, I suggest you try Classic 2.

Another upgrade to this model is instead of 8 intensities, it now has 10.  Also, it comes in two new colors, black and bordeaux.  The previous model only came in purple.


Womanizer Classic 2 Two New Colors

Womanizer Classic 2 Review

The first few times I used Classic 2, I was able to hit the Afterglow Button and really appreciate the decrease in intensity and just let my orgasm slowly finish without crazy over stimulation.  As the Afterglow was designed to do.

Recently, Womanizer Classic 2 threw me into such an intense deep internal and external orgasm, I couldn’t even hit the Afterglow Button because it was too intense to stop or do anything except lift the Womanizer slightly above my clitoris so it was not directly touching me. The point here is the INTENSE ORGASM!  The magical beauty of the Womanizer sex toys! 

Womanizer Classic 2 in Hands

I think the difference, for me, the times before I just wanted to orgasm.  I wasn’t necessarily horny.  I guess I should mention, you do not have to be turned on initially for these to get you off.  You really don’t even need lube if you don’t feel like messing with it.  Granted, I do prefer to use water-based such as Sliquid H2o LubeWomanizer sex toys will turn you on and you will most likely have a powerful internal and external orgasm.  At least I do, each and every time!

The most recent encounter with my beloved Classic 2, I was extremely horny!  And achieved one of those toe curling, holy shit blended orgasms that you never want to stop.  I can always feel it coming too (no pun intended).  It starts from deep within, climaxing internally a second before exploding externally and both just going on and on! I'm always impressed by external toys that can hit so deep, they actually gives you a blended orgasm.

Buy Womanizer Classic 2


With all good things, I do have a few issues with the Classic 2.  The Afterglow features is great, it is definitely for people like me. However, yes a big fat however, I wish they had made the button bigger and maybe just another whole other button. 

I can understand why a bigger button may be an issue in case you accidentally hit it in the bliss of high intensity; however, when you are in the throes of an intense orgasm it is not super easy to hit the small, click like button.  Click, meaning it’s not the smooth transition of say an extreme luxury toy made completely of silicone.  The buttons transition without the click.  Yes, that would be my suggestion to Womanizer, smoother transition with a larger button for the Afterglow Feature.

Secondly, and I only say this for other people because honestly the sound does not affect my personal play, but companies should stop saying toys are whisper quiet when they simply are not.  It does affect some people’s play in case others are nearby or they live with someone they don't want to hear anything.  Or simply the sound is distracting.

I do try to demonstrate the actual noise level in my videos so people know what they are actually purchasing. Click the picture below to watch the video review I made of the Womanizer Classic 2.  The sound is demonstrated.

Womanzier Classic 2 Video Review

Air Pleasure Technology 

If you stumbled onto this post because your friends are raving about Womanizers and you want to see what all the rave is about, Womanizer is the first company to introduce Air Pleasure Technology.  Which in short produces these amazing intense orgasms that are really hard to explain.  One minute you put the Womanzier on your clit (or above), the next powerful orgasms are shaking through you!

This technology was developed to pulsate and massage with air pressure without actually touching the clitoris.  Personally, this is not how I use this toy.  I put it on my clitoris.  I do use the feature, I guess how it was designed to when I am climaxing and just can’t handle the intensity.  So as mentioned in my review, I just keep it hovering above my clit as the blended orgasms are taking over.

How to Use Womanizer Classic 2

Classic 2 is actually a very simple clitoral toy to use with only 3 buttons.  As always make sure it is fully charged before the first use.  Charge it for 2 hours or until the light is no longer blinking and the light is solid.  If it is blinking rapidly it is half way charged, blinking slow then almost out of battery.  Once it is fully charged, you have 3 hours to play with it. 

To turn on Womanizer Classic 2 you simply hold the bottom button for 2 seconds.  Then to go through the 10 intensity levels you simply hit the (+) button to increase intensity and (-) to decrease intensity.

As you are climaxing you have the option to hit the Afterglow Feature which is the same as the on button but you just hit it once.  This will bring you back to the very first intensity and let you relax into your orgasm without the over stimulating intensity.

To turn off, hold the bottom button again for 2 seconds.


How to Use Womanizer Classic 2 






How to Clean Womanizer Classic 2

When I first read how Womanizer suggest cleaning their products, I thought really?  But I guess it make sense since they are waterproof.  So here is the three-step process, suggested by Womanizer. 

  1. Remove the head of the Womanizer, turn it on, then submerge it into water.  Submerge the head as well.
  1. Apply Toy Cleaner to both parts, I prefer Before and After Foaming toy cleaner. Once thoroughly applied and cleaned, rinse the toy cleaner off.
  1. Make sure to dry Womanizer Classic 2 really good before storing. 

Clean before and after each use!

How to Clean Womanizer 2

Womanizer Classic 2 Luxurious Packaging 

Womanizer does not spare expenses when developing the packaging for their luxurious products.  Classic 2 comes in a hard box with safety seals so you know right away no one has touched your most intimate item.

The box includes several fun, sexy expressions such as Go. Love Yourself!  And Embrace Your Sensual Pleasure.  Creating the experience of having a luxury sex toy that much better.  It’s all about the experience right from the start.  Also, when you open the first part of the box, a quick start guide is right there on the box!  So convenient.

Womanizer Classic 2 with Box

Features of Womanizer Classic 2

  • Waterproof (shower and bath play an option)
  • Easy 3 Button Control
  • Body Safe Silicone Head & ABS Plastic
  • Comes with 2 Silicone Heads
  • USB Magnetic Rechargeable
  • 10 Intensities
  • Afterglow Feature (Only Womanizer to have this Feature)
  • 2 hours of charge for 3 hours of play
  • Length: 5.75”, Width 2”
  • Comes with: Charging Cable, Extra Stimulation Head, Quick Start Guide, Safety Instructions & Cotton Storage Pouch
Womanizer Classic 2 Measurements



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