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Lelo Ida Wave Review

Written by Charlie Vix


Posted on September 26 2022

Wow! When I say I was shocked by the Lelo Ida Wave, I truly was!  I took one look at Ida Wave and thought nope that is not going to hit my g spot and clitoris the way it is supposed to in order to give me a blended orgasm!  Listen, we are all shaped differently so I felt like I was pretty in tuned with my vagina to know what’s going to hit the right spots. WRONG!

Then again, I flashed back to my experience with Lelo Enigma.  Which is a great toy but sadly it did not work with my shape.  I had a great clitoral orgasm with Enigma, just not the all desired blended orgasms I crave.

Another thought I had on Lelo Ida Wave, why is there a scoop or maybe a dip is the better word, on the arm of the g spot massager? Isn’t there supposed to be a bump to push against my g spot?

Lelo Ida Wave Review

Also, I want to mention, sometimes when I’m testing/reviewing a sex toy I’m not necessarily in the mood.  But when no one else is home, you have to take those opportunities, right?

Lelo Ida Wave Review

I put lube on myself and on the toy not expecting anything except maybe a clitoral orgasm.  Connected Ida Wave to the Lelo App (which by the way was very easy for me).  I played with the different patterns for a little bit but settled on Ecstasy.  Put it on a higher intensity, which is rare for me….and OMG!!! 

I did have to hold the Ida Wave in so I could push and hold it deep enough to massage my g spot.  This also allowed the external massager to be pushed firmly against my clitoris.

Not only did this toy hit both spots perfectly, it had me screaming with a powerful blended orgasm.  I was SHOCKED!  I’m still in shock.  The Wave feature did it for me!  It almost felt like my g spot was being softly massaged.  To me, fingers have a firmness to them that the toy doesn’t necessarily have I so enjoyed the gentle caresses on my g just wow.  So, the waving scooped arm put me over the top, go figure!

The second time I used the toy, I was turned on just thinking about the pleasure this toy brought to me! So I think the orgasm was even more explosive.  I also want to mention, there was no hassle reconnecting to the Lelo Ida Wave to the App.  I'll explain how to connect to the  LELO App below in a different section, also explained in my video.

Lelo Ida Wave Finger Pointing at G Spot Arm


I’m not sure if it is my shape but I did have to hold it while I was using it otherwise it popped right back out.  This actually does not bother me but I know some people like hands free so I’m adding it here.

I could not hear it under my covers but I definitely would not say this is whisper quiet.  You can hear the sound level in the Lelo Ida Wave Video Review I created.

One other thing I do like is when toys buzz or vibrate to let me know it turned on.  This Lelo toy has a light that turns on, I just prefer the buzz with the light.

How to Use Lelo Ida Wave?

First decide if you want to use it with or without the Lelo App.  For a better experience, put lube on yourself and the toy before entry.  Make sure the toy is not on when you put it inside your vagina.  Position the toy where you can feel it pressed against your g spot and clitoris comfortably.  (I had to angle it a certain way to achieve this, it was not straight in).

To Use Without The App:  

There is one button that will turn it on, get you through the 10 Vibration Patterns and to Turn it Off.

To turn it on, you simply hold the button for 3 seconds until the light comes on.  Then hit it quickly each time you want to go to the next vibration pattern. To turn off you hold the button again for 3 seconds.

Using without the App you will not be able to increase or decrease the intensities.

Lelo Ida Wave One Button Control


To Use with the Lelo App

First start by downloading the Lelo App, I literally searched Lelo App in the App Store and found it right away.  Remember this is just for close range use, this is not the type you can connect with your lover long distance.

Once you have opened the App, look for the little toy icon at the bottom.  It looks like the Lelo Sona.  Hold the button on the Lelo Ida Wave for 3 seconds and wait for the light to be flashing. This lets you know it's ready to connect.

In the App, find the Lelo Ida Wave and select connect.  Mine connected almost immediately.  Then just hit Play! The rest is pretty self explanatory.

Lelo Ina Wave with Lelo App

 How to Clean Lelo Ida Wave

Since this toy is waterproof, you can wash it with warm water and soap.  Even submerge it in the water if you feel it will get even cleaner.

You can also use a toy cleaner such as Before & After Foaming Toy Cleaner, this is the product I love and swear by!

Make sure that the toy is completely dried before storing!

Lelo Ida Wave with Toy Cleaner 

What Lubes to Use with Lelo Ida Wave?

Since Ida Wave is made from silicone, you want to make sure to use a water based lube such as Sliquid H20 or Sliquid Sparkle! I'm loving the Sliquid Sparkle right now because I'm obsessed with the packaging :)

Lelo Ida Wave with Sliquid Sparkle Water Based Lube

Lelo Ida Wave Luxurious Packaging and Box Contents

Lelo packages all their sex toys in a luxurious black and gold.  Very elegant, very gift worthy!  The box contents include:

  • Lelo Ida Wave in Orange or Black
  • USB Charger
  • Storage Bag
  • User Manual with QR Code
  • Sample Lube and Instruction Manual for Lube
  • Warranty Registration Card

Lelo Ida Wave Box ContentsFeatures of Lelo Ida Wave

  • Dual Stimulating Massager
  • Waterproof
  • USB Rechargeable
  • 2 Hours of Play for 2 Hours of Charge
  • Body-Safe Silicone and ABS Plastic
  • Wave Motion Technology
  • Lelo App Remote Controlled
  • One Button Control
  • 10 Vibration Patterns
  • 10 Intensities (within the App Only)
  • 2 Powerful Motors (One in Clit Massager, One in G Spot Arm)

Lelo Ida Wave Pointing to Motor in Clit MassagerLelo Ida Wave Pointing to Motor in G Spot Arm




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