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Lelo Mona Wave

Written by Charlie Vix


Posted on November 11 2015

Lelo Mona Wave Black

Since the Lelo Mona Wave is such a popular G-Spot Vibrator, Luxe Vibes decided to buy a bunch of them for our store before the price skyrocketed with the Lelo price increase. If you are not familiar with Lelo products or the best selling Lelo Mona, keep reading for some insight on this fun g spot vibrator!

So what is the Lelo Mona Wave?

Mona Wave is an updated version of the Lelo Mona, which has a neat concept with it’s come hither finger motion that caresses your g spot while inside of you. She has been programmed with 10 stimulations so you can experiment with the level of “come hither” and vibrations that give you the most pleasure. Love to play in the bathtub or shower? No problem, Lelo Mona Wave is completely waterproof. As with all Lelo products, it is made with a body safe silicone so no worries of putting anything harmful inside of you.

Lelo Mona Wave in Motion

Cleaning & Lubes

Since it is waterproof, you can wash with warm water and soap. But Lelo also makes a nice little toy cleaner too specially formulated for their products. Water based lubes are safe to use with the Lelo Mona Wave, we recommend Lelo Personal Moisturizer. Remember no silicone lube on silicone toys, it will damage your toy.

Lelo Toy CleanerLelo Personal Moisturizer

Travel Discreet

Mona Wave comes with a lock feature which is pretty simple to use. Hold the + and – buttons together until backlights go off. Then you are safe to travel without any embarrassing incidents! Then to unlock, simply do the same until the backlights come back on.

Lelo Warranty

Lelo has a great warranty for all of their products. If you purchase from us at Luxe Vibes, we accept and process returns for defects up to a year! Lelo has a 10 year warranty you can find by clicking here.


  • Easy + and – controls
  • 2 hours of play once charged
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Made from Silky Smooth Silicone
  • 10 Stimulations
  • Comes with Storage Pouch, Charger, & One Year Warranty

Lelo Mona Wave on Sale!

If you have read this far, you are in for a treat! We are currently offering Lelo Mona Wave with Free Lube and a 15% Discount. Just enter MONA15 at checkout.

Mona Wave Packaging

Lelo Mona Wave Video




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