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Zumio E

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The Zumio E is a waterproof sex toy designed for gentle and natural clitoral stimulation. Unlike vibrators, this device uses unique elliptical motion, to provide a whole new pleasurable experience. In fact, it’s the only sex toy that uses this kind of motion. It targets all the right parts without causing lingering vibrations and numbness on your lady parts. Unlike similar models like the Zumio S, the Zumio E has a rigid stem with a teardrop-shaped tip to allow varied sensations depending on which area of the tip you use. It’s perfect for ladies who want precise and more even stimulation.

Zumio E Black in Hand

How to use the Zumio S

You can use the Zumio E for solo play, teasing, and foreplay. Turn it up during penetration to experience powerful orgasmic sensations during intercourse. You can dip the tip of the stem with a fair amount of water-based lubricant for a more comfortable and gentle experience. We recommend the TOYFLUID for high-quality lubrication.

Use the POWER button on the side to turn the device on and off. The device is pressure-sensitive and will turn on with just a gentle push. To stop the toy from activating during travel, hold the POWER button for 5 seconds to switch it to Lockout mode.

Press the UP and DOWN buttons to explore the 8 different levels of intensity the toy has to offer. Customize your playtime by exploring each level to match you or your partners’ mood and excitement.

When it runs out of power, just stick the toy into the charging docket and plug it in with a USB cable. It takes 16 hours to fully charge and lasts for up to 4 hours of use for a longer play-time.

How to Use Zumio E Black

Features of Zumio E

Elliptical rotation pattern. Provides a gentle touch that has no lingering buzzing effects on the skin.

Curved rigid stem. Gives a more varied sensation depending on which part of the stem you use.

Tear-drop-shaped tip. Targets certain areas of your skin for an isolated and high-precision stimulation.

Silent motor. Keeps the device quiet during play so the only one making noise is you.

Waterproof. Lets you use it while relaxing in a bathtub or taking a shower and makes cleaning the device much easier

Zumio E Black on Charger

What Comes With The Zumio E

The device comes with a wireless charging station and a USB cable. It also comes with a Travel Cap for your purse and a 'Stay-Off' lockout for airplanes.                               

How to Clean The Zumio E

The device attracts dust and lint, so you’ll need to rinse it with warm, unscented soapy water before and after use. Don’t forget to apply a thin layer of water-based lubricant after rinsing to create a protective barrier. Add a couple of drops of lubricant on a cotton cloth and wipe, especially the stem. You don’t have to worry about the device malfunctioning after cleaning because it is waterproof.


The Zumio E size makes it a fairly compact toy. It is 6.9 inches long (total) and 1.1 inches wide (at the widest part of the handle). It’s a lightweight toy — about 2.6 ounces.