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We-Vibe USB Replacement Charger

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Magnetic Replacement Charger

We-Vibe Magnetic Charger (WVSNAACC2)

We-Vibe USB Magnetic Replacement Charger

USB Replacement Charger for We-Vibe toys with a magnetic clip. This replacement charger is compatible with the following We-Vibe Toys:

  • We-Vibe Ditto
  • We-Vibe Jive
  • We-Vibe Moxie
  • We-Vibe Nova 2
  • We-Vibe Pivot
  • We-Vibe Verge
  • We-Vibe Wish
  • We-Vibe Vector
  • We-Vibe Wand
  • We-Vibe Chorus (not the charging case, just the Chorus)
  • We-Vibe Melt
  • We-Vibe Tango X
  • We-Vibe Touch X
  • We-Vibe Bond

We-Vibe USB Replacement Charger (WVSNATFC5)

We-Vibe USB Replacement Charger

This replacement charger with the flat plug in tip:

  • We-Vibe Match Base
  • We-Vibe Anniversary Collection Charger Case
  • We-Vibe Tango Pleasure Mates

We-Vibe USB to DC Charging Cable (WVSNUNFC2)


This We-Vibe Charger is for the: 

  • We-Vibe Bloom
  • We-Vibe Unite
  • We-Vibe Rave


We-Vibe Sync USB Cable Charger and Travel Case


 We-Vibe Sync Replacement Charger with Travel Case


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