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Spareparts Tomboi Strap On Harness

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Spareparts Tomboi is a boxer brief that doubles as a strap-on harness, perfect for couples who want to try out something new. Its versatile design is discreet and allows you to wear it any time of the day. It can securely fit toys with 1.25–2.25 inch diameters and lets you easily switch them out during play. The fabric keeps moisture away from the body, regulating your temperature during intense love-making. Get real close and intimate with your partner with the Tomboi.                                                 

Spareparts Tomboi Harness                                                                                                                      

How to use the Tomboi

Simply wear it as you would regular underwear. When using a toy, place it through the built-in O-ring and position it comfortable against your body. You can also use the two internal fabric panels if you want to separate the base of the toy (for example, a dildo) from your skin.

Spareparts Tomboi with Dildo

If you want to get really hot, the Tomboi comes with two internal pockets where you can position mini-vibe devices for more stimulation. Take note that the mini-vibes are not included with the harness. There’s also a discreet inner pocket where you can store condoms or lube packets.

Spareparts Tomboi with Bullet Vibes

The Tomboi is made of a nylon-spandex material that is 100% water-friendly. You can use it in bed or in the shower and it won’t lose its quality or shape no matter the drip, drizzle, or downpour that comes your way. It also dries fairly quickly so you can wash and reuse it repeatedly without waiting too long. 

Spareparts Tomboi Features

Sex toy harness. Most harnesses can cause chafing on the skin but you don’t have to worry about that with Tomboi’s soft fabric design.

Durable O-ring. Allows you to switch out sex toys quickly during play.

Nylon spandex material. The lightweight fabric regulates body temperature and dries up fairly quickly.

Water-friendly. Use it in the shower without worrying about losing its quality and shape.

Airport-friendly. No metallic components so you don’t get stopped during an airport inspection.

Spareparts Tomboi next to Box

What comes with the Tomboi

The Tomboi comes with two internal pockets where you can position mini-vibe devices for more stimulation (mini-vibes not included)..It also comes with a matching fabric storage pouch with a zipper closure as well as discreet packaging.


How to Clean Tomboi

You can wash the Tomboi by hand or machine and it is completely hygienic. When using a washing machine, it’s recommended to use a laundry bag and set the machine to a gentle cycle to preserve the quality of the fabric and ensure it lasts longer. You can dry it using a clothesline or tumble dry set to a low temperature. Don’t forget to wash it before using. 

Spareparts Tomboi Next to Laundry Bag                                                                                                    

How to Measure for Spareparts Tomboi?

When measuring for Spareparts Harnesses make sure to measure 1" below your pelvic bone.  Spareparts sizes are NOT your jean size!

Size XS - Lower waist/hips: 26 - 28 inches

Size S - Lower waist/hips: 29 - 32 inches

Size M - Lower waist/hips: 33 - 37 inches

Size L - Lower waist/hips: 38 - 40 inches

Size XL - Lower waist/hips: 41 - 44 inches

Size XXL - Lower waist/hips: 45 - 48 inches

Size XXXL - Lower waist/hips: 49 - 52 inches