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SpareParts Joque Strap On Harness

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Joque Harness from SpareParts is a handsome and lustful jock-style harness fashioned with comfortable, adjustable leg straps and belt. Made from lightweight material, Joque is flexible and pleasant to wear for extended periods of time, so when the conquest begins, you are equipped and in command!

Spareparts Joque Black with Storage Bag

How to Use  SpareParts Joque Harness?

The leg straps have sliders that lock into place, holding straps and harness firmly. Joque’s sturdy belt fastens with Velcro and includes an elastic pull that locks your product in place, giving you the security and control you desire. The extremely durable and versatile O-ring is made from elastic and accommodates an array of attachments including single and double dildos. Switching toys during sex is simple due to the stretchable O-ring. This professionally crafted harness features two inner mini-vibe pockets (vibes not included) above and below the O-ring allowing for seductive vibrations through your toy when vibes are in place. Mini-vibes can be turned on or off through the fabric so there is no interruption in play.

Made from high quality breathable fabric, Joque wicks moisture away from the body when things get hot, and they will! The Joque Harness is extremely well made and very durable, guaranteeing a multitude of lustful trysts and steamy adventures await you and your adventurous partner! 

SpareParts Harness Joque with Dildo - Luxe Vibes
Joque Harness from SpareParts Features:

  • Jock-style double strap Harness
  • Hand-crafted and designed to last
  • Flexible and Comfortable to wear
  • Adjustable leg straps and belt
  • Stretchable elastic O-ring fits double and single dildos of different shapes and sizes
  • Two inner pockets above and below O-ring accommodate mini bullet vibes (mini-vibes not included)
  • Belt secured with Velcro and has second elastic pull that locks product in place
  • Leg straps have movable sliders with locking teeth that hold straps and harness securely 
  • Travel friendly
  • Washable
  • Colors: Jet Black, Royal Purple, Passion Pink


  • Jock-style Harness
  • Satin storage pouch
  • 1 Year Warranty

How to Wash SpareParts Joque Harness?

  • Hand or machine washable and completely hygienic
  • Hand wash or machine wash on gentle cycle. If machine washing use launder bag.
  • Line dry, lay flat, or tumble dry on low temperature
  • Wash before first use.


  • Lightweight
  • Breathable fabric suitable for extended wear
  • High quality Nylon/spandex/Velcro
  • Wicking elements draw moisture away from body
  • New tagless labels

Please note that toys, dildos, accessories and attachments pictured or mentioned, including bullets and mini-vibes are not included, however they are available for individual purchase.

SpareParts Joque Harness Purple in Box

Size Chart
Size Belt Leg Straps
Size A 20-50 inches 10-16 inches
Size B 35-65 inches 14-24 inches

Diameter across O-ring opening (for Dildo) 1.25-2 inches in both sizes
Circumference of O-ring opening (for Dildo) 3.92-6.28 inches in both sizes

Which size Joque Harness is right for you?

Start with measuring for the perfect fit.
For Joque™ you will need to consider Belt measurements (hips), Leg measurements (thighs) to determine which Joque™ will produce the best fit for you, or your partner.

Size A or Size B
Follow these simple steps to determine which Joque™ product will fit you perfectly!
To determine if you or your partner is a size A or B, you will need to consider both the Belt and Leg strap measurements.

Measuring for the Belt
Step one
To measure which size is best for the wearer; first consider where you will be wearing it whether it’s on your waist (high ride) or on your hips (low ride). If you prefer to wear your harness high, instead of low (please be aware many wearers like to wear their harness low as they want it to sit on their clitoris so it allows for stimulation where ever possible); measure around your waist instead of your hips. 

Step two
Wrap the measuring tape around your hips (or waist if applicable), where you would wear your belt. Take the number where the tape measure completes and crosses over itself. You should add a few (3-4) inches to this measurement for size fluctuation and room for sizing adjustment. Take the measurement and see size chart above for Belt and determine which belt would be best. 

(You should be able to select a size that is reflective of your belt size. So for example: if you wear a size 32 belt, and it has a good fit with a couple holes for adjustment, you should select the Joque that best fits 32 inches).

Measuring for the Leg Straps

Step one
To measure which size is best for the wearer; first figure out where you will be wearing it on your hips (or waist if applicable). The best way to do this is to put on a regular belt, as this will help you to have a place to start and finish measurement on the next step.

Step two
Next take the tape measure and start by taking the end of it and holding it in the center of the belt (in line with your belly button). 

Slide the measuring tape between your legs. Select which leg you want to use for measuring and wrap the measuring tape taught around the back of that leg (around the butt cheek) and then bring it back around to the front back to the center of the belt where you started the measurement.

In essence you should have the measuring tape wrapped fully around one of your legs tautly (but not so tight it restricts blood flow) with the start and end point of the measuring tape being the front center of your belt.

Take the leg strap measurement, and then subtract 14 inches, this should give you the length of leg strap you need for the harness to fit securely but still be comfortable. See size charge above Leg Straps.