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Spareparts Bella Strap On Harness

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Bella from Spareparts Hardwear is a provocative and adventuresome lingerie harness. Embodying built-in support with a strong elastic belt, Bella puts you in the driver’s seat! Effortless to put on and extremely comfortable to wear, makes this gorgeous and sultry harness the starting point to a bawdy good time! She is made with luxuriously soft, stretchy lace and has a beautiful bow above the peek-a-boo opening which shows off a bit of booty cleavage. Bella also includes four removable, adjustable sexy black garters. A harness that is comfortable enough to wear all day…or all night, assures you‘ll be ready when the time is right. When things get hot, Bella’s moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool.

Spareparts Bella Front View

O Bella!

The Bella Harness has a very durable O-ring that makes swapping toys during sex simple to do. Accommodating single or double dildos, she sports two inner mini-vibe pockets (vibes not included) above and below the O-ring into which you can place your vibes if you desire.  Bella is built without buckles or hanging straps, fitting comfortably and snugly, allowing for secure, gratifying use in any position. 

Spareparts Bella Harness

Bella Loves to Get Wet

This fiery beauty can be worn in the water, so shower or hot tub time turns into a mind-blowing, steamy romp! Wash your harness before first use and after each use.  Bella is hand or machine washable. If washing in machine, place in the supplied mesh drawstring bag before washing on gentle cycle. May line dry, lay flat or tumble dry on low temperature.

Bella Harness Specs

  • Stunning stretchable lace, beautiful bow, peek-a-boo rear cleavage
  • High-performance design that slips on and off easily
  • Built-in support ensures a secure fit and total control
  • A sturdy flexible belt gives a flattering streamline look
  • No buckles, or hanging straps allowing for extreme comfort
  • Wicks moisture away from body when things get hot
  • Two internal mini-vibe pockets above and below the O-ring
  • Securely fits toys  1.25-2.25 inches in diameter
  • Toys switch easily in and out during sex
  • Airport friendly, (non-metal) materials won’t set off alarms
  • Strong and stretchy material will hold its shape, even with frequent use


  • Internal mini-vibe pockets
  • 4 removable, adjustable black garters
  • Matching fabric storage pouch with interior pockets, zipper, and button closures
  • Black mesh drawstring lingerie launder bag
  • 1-year warranty

Bella Spareparts Includes

Product Care

  • Hand or machine washable and completely hygienic
  • Hand wash or machine wash on gentle cycle. If machine washing use included mesh launder bag.
  • Line dry, lay flat, or tumble dry on low temperature
  • Wash before first use.

Spareparts Bella Video Review

In this video, Charlie unboxes and demonstrates how to measure for wear, the Spareparts Bella Lingerie Harness!  This review of Spareparts Bella goes over all the features and shows where the bullet vibrators go and how a dildo will fit snug into the harness.

 Spareparts Bella Video Review

Size Chart

Low Waist

Size XS 26 - 28 inches

Size S 29 - 32 inches

Size M 33 - 37 inches

Size L 38 - 40 inches

Size XL 41 - 44 inches

Size 2X 45 - 47 inches

Size 3X 48 - 51 inches

O-Ring  Diameter is 1.25 – 2.25 inches in all harness sizes

O-Ring Circumference is 3.92 – 7.07 inches in all harness sizes


The simple steps below will help you determine your measurements, and which size harness will fit you best.


Choose your harness size based on both your actual body measurements and body shape, not based on your typical pant or jean size, which varies significantly between brands, designs, and cuts. Please don't skip this step: the right size harness will give you the most comfort and support, and will always look better than a size that's just "almost right."


Get the correct fit

  1. Get your lower waist/hip measurement. •Wrap a measuring tape around your waist, about 1 inch (2.5 cm) below your pelvic bone. •Mark the number where the tape measure completes and crosses over itself.
  2. Use that measurement, as well as your body shape, to determine your size. Bella performs best when your body fills out the harness, so choosing the right size is crucial. You should take your body shape into account before selecting a size. To do so, think of your body in terms of moon phases:



Bodies have beautiful, fuller curves. If you were to view this body shape from the side, you would see a half-moon shape in rear, and a quarter to half-moon shape in front, where the stomach is. If you have a full moon shape...choose the next size up.


Bodies have a balance of curves and planes. If you were to view this body shape from the side, you would see a quarter-moon shape in front and a half-moon shape in rear, or a flatter front stomach area and a fuller three quarter-moon in rear. This body shape typically has a fuller butt and, sometimes, wider hips. If you have a three-quarter moon shape...choose the next size up.


Bodies are curvier in rear, flatter in front. If you were to view this body shape from the side, you would see a half-moon shape in rear. If you have a half-moon shape...stay to the size chart.


Bodies have gentler, less pronounced curves in rear. If you were to view this body shape from the side, you would see a quarter (or crescent) shape sloping from the tailbone to the top of the thigh. If you have a quarter/crescent moon shape...choose the next size down. If you have a quarter/crescent moon shape in rear, BUT a quarter to full-moon curve in front, at the stomach, in that case, stay to the size chart.

Bella Spareparts Back View