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NobEssence Mesmerize

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The NobEssence Mesmerize may look intimidating at first, but this masterpiece is carefully sculpted using the best American and Indian techniques to give you just the right amount of shock and excitement for sensations like never before. We all know that every sex toy is tailored to give you the greatest pleasure and satisfaction. But if you’re tired of the typical silicon-based, glass, and metallic sex toys that you’ve come to know ever since, and you want to try something new to spice up your sexual experience, the wooden dildo is just what you’re looking for!

Get to know yourself and your partner with every curve, twists, and turns that comes with the unique design of NobEssence Mesmerize.

Please Note: Color of the wood may vary from the pictures!

NobEssence Mesmerize Wood Dildo

How To Use The NobEssence Mesmerize Wooden Dildo

When you think of a wooden dildo, a lot of thoughts come to mind, especially regarding usage and insertion. But fear not because the NobEssence Mesmerize is designed with NobEssence's Lubrosity which is a patented coating made from processed and implant-rated surgical polymer that stems from years of meticulous research and development. 

The smooth and ergonomic surface allows for a safe and naturally stimulating insertion that will completely blow your mind away. This sex toy is compatible with most lubricants including oils, water/glycerin and silicone-based lubricants, but partnered with the highly recommendable Sliquid H2O water-based lubricant, this sex toy becomes greatly enjoyable for anyone who’s up for a whole new sensual adventure.

Sliquid H20

Whether you use it on your own or with a partner, the unique design of the NobEssence Mesmerize Sculptured Hardwood Dildo, with its accentuated curves  and bends, provides a strong sturdy grip that is conveniently adaptable to any position for maximum comfort and safety.

There is no one way to use this dildo. Anything goes! Get creative and get to know how you like using your NobEssence Mesmerize today! 

 NobEssence Mesmerize Features

Sex toys open up a whole new world of pleasure, but for adventurers looking for a little bit more excitement, this toy offers a couple unique features that will make your experience more pleasurable.


Material. Lubrosity™ Sealed Hardwood is a smooth and slick wooden material that provides maximum comfort to escort you through your journey for new sensations.

Design. The beautifully designed curvatures of this sex toy is aesthetic and very unique. Other than that, it allows for a strong and comfortable grip for a wide range of usage.

Phthalate-free. Nobody wants unnatural chemicals in their sex toys. Fear not for this dildo is made without any phthalate so you don’t have to worry about any health adverse chemicals messing with your system. 

Non-porous. This feature makes this dildo durable, odorless, and water-resistant, so you can use it for hours at a time and enjoy the good times longer.             

What Comes with The NobEssence Mesmerize Wooden Dildo

  • NobEssence Mesmerize
  • User manual
  • Cloth Storage Bag
  • Sutil Sample Lube

How to Clean The NobEssence Mesmerize Wood Dildo

To ensure the safe preservation of your NobEssence Mesmerize, wash it regularly with warm water and non-abrasive soap. You may also wipe it down with antibacterial/microbial cleaner like the Fun Factory ToyCleaner



  • 10 inches  long
  • 1.75 inches in diameter large end 
  • 1.25 inches for the small end diameter

Weight: 0.24 lbs

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