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NobEssence Dibber Wooden Butt Plug

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The NobEssence Dibber butt plug combines a dirigible fashioned shaft with stimulating ribs for a sleek, firm, mind-blowing experience. The NobEssence Dibber is an ergonomic, vibe-embracing, precision-created interpersonal-discovery tool.

And did we mention that it works great for massaging the P-Spot too? The NobEssence Dibber Dildo hits just deep enough—inviting pleasure deep within you has never come so easy.

NobEssence Dibber

Inspired by the British bulb and seed, the cultivator of the same name, the Dibber makes use of biometric data to grant full, continuous, firm-rigid pressure precisely where it's needed. Do you Kegels to get the Dibber going; pair it with your silicone vibrator of choice favorite silicone vibrator to the alcove in the comfort-fit handle, and grab a towel.

How to Use the NobEssence Dibber 

The Dibber gives morning wood a whole new meaning. It can be used with or without a partner, which makes it so fun. During your solo-sex sessions, lube it up and enjoy the ride. We'd suggest using something water-based such as the Astroglide Natural Lubricant.

And to spice things up further, you can use it in conjunction with a clitoral vibrator such as the Tenga Iroha by Temari. Or better yet, get your partner to do it and feel the fireworks between your thighs.

NobEssence Dibber in Use

Another way to get your money's worth from the Dibber is by using it as a body massager. Run this intricate sculpture up and down your lover's body to unwind after a long, stressful day. There's nothing sexier than a massage to get you in the mood. Slather Exens Warming Massage Oil all over your partner and get to it.

NobEssence Dibber Features

Eco-friendly. The NobEssence Dibber Wood Butt Plug is created from natural, raw-earth materials for pleasure without environmental compromise.

Heirloom quality. Like all NobEssence products, the NobEssence Dibber Wood Butt Plug will last you a lifetime. It's not like other sex toys that will degrade over time. The quality you pay for when you first purchase it will remain the same for years to come.

Easy to clean. The best toys should be both easy to use and easy to clean. The NobEssence Dibber Wood Dildo is straightforward in both use and aftercare.

Sustainability initiative. All Nobessence products are sourced from sustainable materials. Their mission is to supply safe, sensual, and sustainable sculptures that provide pleasure and function, keeping sustainability in mind.

Splashproof. Water damage is no problem here! Incorporate your Dibber into your steamy, foreplay shower routines to spice things up.

What Comes With The NobEssence Dibber

  • NobEssence Dibber Wood But Plug
  • User manual
  • Hand-crafted, artisanal cloth pouch for storage
  • Sutil Sample Lube

NobEssence Dibber Box Contents

How To Clean The NobEssence Hither

After, or in between using your NobEssence Dibber, rinse it with lukewarm water and lather a mild sex toy cleaner over it to remove any dirt or debris. Pat dry with a towel and store it in its box or pouch in a cool, dry place to avoid discoloration.

We recommend using the Fun Factory Toy Cleaner to clean your NobEssence Dibber.


Weight: 0.34 lbs

Height: 10 in

Width: 6 in

Depth: 2 in

NobEssence Dibber