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Lovense Nora

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Nothing beats the classics. Nora is Lovense’s original Bluetooth Rabbit Vibrator designed to pleasure your G-Spot. You know what’s a good time? Multiple points of stimulation. Nora may sport a classic rabbit design, but it has a few tricks up its sleeve that you need to look out for.

Nora’s rotating head easily stimulates your G-Spot, while its optimized shaft gently pulsates in all the right places while thrusting. The vibrating arm is perfect for clitoral stimulation making the whole ordeal an out-of-body experience. Either you OR your partner has complete control over Nora.

Lovense Nora Rabbit Vibrator


How to Use Nora?

Connect Nora to a Bluetooth-enabled device and let your smartphone take control. Nora is versatile because it can be used for penetrative fun or simply as a clitoral vibrator. This vibrator can be used with a partner but it’s even better for solo play. Taking control of your own pleasure can be liberating and at times even more fun than playtime with a partner.

Nora is Bluetooth and wifi capable. You and your partner can enjoy the benefits of this powerful rabbit vibrator together or from a distance.

Given the nature of this sex toy, we do recommend using a good quality, a water-based lubricant such as the Wicked Aqua Lubricant for easy glide and a more comfortable experience.

Lovense Nora in Box


Features of Lovense Nora

  • Local Control. Looking for a hands-free experience? Nora has you covered. Enjoy your solo sex sessions or wicked foreplay with a partner with the app controlled functions of Nora.
  • Long-Distance Sex. Long-distance relationships make it hard to connect with your partner. You can keep the intimacy going with Nora’s long-distance control capabilities. Sync your solo sessions with your lover and enjoy.
  • Water Resistant. Who said playtime is limited to the bedroom? You can easily bring Nora with you into the shower or the tub and not worry about it getting damaged.
  • USB Rechargeable. There’s nothing that kills the mood like a sex toy tethered to a plug. Nora is USB rechargeable and can run for up to 4 hours of continuous use. It is a 5 day standby time, which is so convenient because you don’t have to worry about recharging until the end of the week.
  • Body-Safe Materials. Nora is made of high-quality silicone and ABS plastic. You don’t have to worry about irritation.
  • Rotating Head. Easily stimulate your G Spot. Slow, Medium, Fast.
  • Optimized Shaft. Designed to gently stimulate the right places during thrusting.
  • Vibrating Arm. The Flexible Arm accommodates multiple body types.
Lovense Nora Rotating Head


What Comes With Lovense Nora?

(1)  Bluetooth Rabbit Vibrator

(1)  USB Charging Cable

(1)  User Manual

How to Clean Nora?

After each use, wash the Lovense Nora under lukewarm running water. Lather on a mild soap and wash thoroughly.

Alternatively, you can also use a spray-on cleanser such as the Before & After Foaming Toy Cleaner Adult Toy Cleaner.

Pat your Nora dry or allow it to air dry and store it in a cool dry place.


Insertable length: 4.72 in (119.89mm)

Handle length: 3.15 in (80mm)