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Lovense Domi 2

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Domi 2 is a Lovense version of the classic massage wand but smaller and sleeker than most.   The upgraded version battery has 3 times longer battery life.  Also, the handle was redesigned for a more comfortable and secure grip.  Lovense Domi 2 has a unique dual-rotating head that allows it to be cordless.  It may also be the only massage wand that can be remote-controlled by an app!

How to Use Domi 2

Domi 2 can be used for your steamy solo play sessions or with a partner to spice things up in the bedroom during foreplay. This particular wand is best suited for targeted stimulation such as in the clitoral or perineal region, however, you can also incorporate it into a sexy massage for additional sensation.

You have the option to purchase a Domi 2 male or female attachment if you would like to use your Domi 2 for penetrative pleasure. The reinforced neck enables you to apply pressure however and whenever you want.

Lovense Domi 2 Female AttachmentLovense Domi 2 Male Attachment

The Domi 2 is fully adjustable, you can choose vibrations that range from featherlight to earthquake intensities and program it to your buttons!

One of the many benefits of a wand, such as the Domi 2 is that using lubrication is optional. Especially if you intend to use its original head for clitoral stimulation.


Features of Lovense Domi 2

  • Close Range Control. Add another element to your foreplay or solo sessions by controlling your Domi 2 straight from the Lovense app.
  • Long Distance Loving. Don’t let the distance be a hindrance to your pleasure. Easily connect with your partner through the Lovense app for some long-distance loving
  • Unlimited Vibration Patterns. Why limit yourself to 2 or 3 vibration patters when you can have them all?
  • Sync to Music. There’s nothing like a sexy playlist to set the mood. Sync up your Ambi bullet to the music and feel the vibes. Pun intended
  • Set Vibration Levels. Choose which vibration intensity is right for you.
  • Cordless. Unlike the old school wands, Domi 2 isn’t tied down by a bunch of cords. Use it on the go without having to wory about plugging your Domi 2 into the wall.


What Comes in the Box with Domi 2

(1)  Bluetooth wand

(1)  Charging cable

(1)  User Guide


Measurements of Lovense Domi 2

Length: 9.21 in ( 233.88mm)

Head: 1.74 in (44.1mm)


How to Clean Domi 2

After each use, wash Domi 2 under lukewarm running water. Lather on a mild soap, we suggest using the Wicked Foam ‘n Fresh Anti-Bacterial Foaming Toy Cleaner.

Alternatively, you can also use a spray on cleanser such as the Before & After Anti-Bacterial Soap Free Adult Toy Cleaner.

Pat your Domi 2 down or allow it to air dry and store it in a cool dry place.