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Lovense Ambi Bullet

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Lovense Ambi Bullet is a tiny yet powerful little bullet vibrator and is key to clitoral orgasms. Most of the bullet vibrators on the market cater only to broad, pinpoint, or super pinpoint stimulation. The Ambi bullet? Well, it can do all three.  Ambi Bullet works great during sex too, in any position due to the versatile design. 

Lovense Ambi Bullet

How to Use the Ambi Bullet

The Ambi bullet is a versatile sex toy that can be used for solo, foreplay, or even during the main event. It’s comfortable to hold in multiple positions like cowgirl, missionary, and doggy style. But don’t let this list limit you! You can use the Ambi bullet in any position, just get creative with the way that you hold it.

Most vibrators are difficult to hold in the right spot, but the Ambi Bullet's ergonomic curves help you keep it where you want it. It’s so much better than the traditional bullet vibrator shape.

To set up your Ambi Bullet, simply download the app and sync your device. All its fun features will be available to you from there. Set your vibration levels and enjoy the unlimited amount of vibration patterns that this versatile sex toy has to offer. 


Features of Lovense Ambi Bullet

  • Adjustable levels. You’re not stuck with just one vibration level. Adjust your Ambi Bullet to your liking, whether you prefer something more subtle for a chill solo session or something a little more intense to use when you’re with a partner.
  • 3 Point Stimulation. The Ambi Bullets three-point stimulation is sure to hit the spot every single time. Never miss the big ‘O with this feature again.
  • Ergonomic Design. The curvatures of the Ambi make it easy to hold in multiple positions. Don’t worry about it slipping from your hand, its ergonomic handle has you covered.
  • Size is no limitation for this bullet vibrator. The Ambi bullet is the gift that keeps on giving and you coming. Its powerful motor is something you wouldn’t expect from a toy this size.
  • Rechargeable.  The Ambi bullet is rechargeable and has a run time of 1.5-2 hours of continuous use.
  • Sync to Music. There’s nothing like a sexy playlist to set the mood. Sync up your Ambi bullet to the music and feel the vibes. Pun intended.
  • Long Distance Capable. You can still have fun even if your partner isn’t around. Use the app to connect and have fun even from a distance.
  • Body-Safe Material. 100% Silicone


Lovense Ambi Bullet in Box

What Comes With The Ambi Bullet

(1)  Bluetooth Ambi Bullet vibrator

(1)  USB Charging dock

(1)  User manual

(1)  Quick setup

(1)  Storage bag


How to Clean The Ambi Bullet

After each use, wash the Ambi Bullet under lukewarm running water. Lather on a mild soap and wash thoroughly.

Alternatively, you can also use a spray-on cleanser such as the Before & After Foaming Toy Cleaner Adult Toy Cleaner.

Pat your Ambi Bullet dry or allow it to air dry and store it in a cool dry place.


Measurements of Ambi Bullet

Total Length: 3.39 in (86.05mm)

Broad length: 2.29 in (58.28mm)

Head Width: 1.08 in (27.60mm)

Handle Length: 2.40  in (61.09mm)

Base width: 1.03 in (26.34mm)