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Onda by Lora DiCarlo

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Onda by Lora DiCarlo is designed with a unique shape and functions to stimulate your g spot in several different ways. The G-spot massager will recreate the touch of a finger with a come-hither motion, while the G-spot boost sends rumbling sensation at 10 different intensities. Both of these features work independently from one another so you can find that winning combination. You also get to choose between 4 different stroke positions, ranging from short to long- The possibilities are endless! Onda is completely waterproof so it has no limitations on the places it can go.

Onda by Lora DiCarlo in Hands

How to Use Onda by Lora DiCarlo?

It is suggested to turn it on and get familiar with the Onda controls and vibrations prior to using it internally.  Once you are familiar with how to use Onda, make sure it is in the off position when you insert it. Once you are ready, press and hold the power button for 1.5 seconds. You then have three options to explore! Using the (+/-) to increase the intensity, you can control the vibrations, and if you prefer a short or long strokes. When play time is over, make sure you turn the Onda all the way off prior to removing. While the average time of use is 45 minutes to 1 hour, the magnetic charging point connects to the USB when you need to charge up for your next session.

Onda by Lora DiCarlo Front View

Features of Onda

  • G Spot Massager (mimics touch of a finger)
  • Stimulation Boost (rumbling vibrations)
  • Stroke Positions (4 to chose from)
  • Protective Cover (for storage)
  • Measurements: insertable length 4.7", Insertable width 1.5", weighs 8.2 oz
  • Made from Body-Safe Silicone & ABS Plastic
  • Rechargeable
  • Waterproof

Onda by Lora Dicarlo in Hands

What Comes with Onda by Lora DiCarlo?

Of course the G Spot Massager Onda but also a protective cover, magnetic USP Charger cable, user guide and a storage pouch. 

Lora DiCarlo Onda Video Review

Onda by Lora DiCarlo Video Review

Onda by Lora DiCarlo Warranty

If your Lora DiCarlo Onda stops working and doesn’t fulfill its duties, we have good news! When you purchase through Luxe Vibes, you are covered from defects up to a year from purchase! It’s as simple as sending us an e-mail and letting us know the defect.  We will happily send you a prepaid label for your item to return to our vendor and a brand new one will be shipped to you!

Lora DiCarlo also offers a guaranteed one year warranty on their products. To register for your warranty, visit, login, and register your device. To make a warranty claim, email for warranty eligibility.