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Fun Factory Stronic G - Grape

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Fun Factory Stronic G is the perfect toy for boosting your arousal and sensitivity. It is a silicone, self-thrusting, waterproof sex toy. The toy’s hooked design stimulates your G-spot as its thrusts may be short but it is fast and strong. And although its head is soft and cushy it still is powerful enough to put pressure on the G-spot. However tempting it is, don’t use it for anal play as it has no flared base.

Fun Factory Strong G Purple

How To Use Fun Factory Stronic G

Press the red and (+) button for 5 seconds to unlock it. To experience the first mode, press the (FUN) and (+) button. To lock the device, press (FUN), and (-) button for 5 seconds. Press (+) or (-) buttons to get the cycle of the speeds and patterns. If you want to turn it off, just press the (FUN) button. To experience double-thrusting, thrust the device manually at the same time.

The device is best used with a partner. Let yourselves go wild and crazy even more by bringing your fun times to the next level. While it self-thrusts down there, let your partner explore some more areas you want him to play with. You can try different positions and have stronger sensations with a sex toy. Play! When using it alone, you may use pillows as a stopper for fuller and deeper orgasms.

Fun Factory Stronic G How To

Water-based lubricant is better than an oil-based lubricant for this toy, try out our TOYFLUID. This is because (1) oil or silicone-based lubricants may corrode your toy and (2) the chemicals in oil-based lubricants tend to trap more bacteria on the toy. Just pick any water-based lubricant of good quality for your toy to lessen the friction.

Stronic G is lighter and narrower than its former forms but is just as powerful. Its curved head makes it better than just the straight formed dildos and vibrators. For an intense sensation, use the Stronic G with bullet vibrators and a clit stimulator. Or if you have your own preferred set of sex toys use it with Stronic G to give you a high level of pleasure.

Stronic G Features

  • Multiple modes. It has 7 speeds and 3 rhythms.
  • USB Rechargeable. It has two tiny metal pins for the charging cord.
  • Body safe. Its base is made of ABS plastic - safe material. It is hypoallergenic, non-porous, and free of phthalates or any toxic materials.
  • It makes no sound even at its fastest speed.

What Comes With Stronic G

Fun Factory Stronic G comes in an elegant box. It has an outer grey sleeve and a gold box inside. The Stronic G also comes with three short manuals and a USB charging cable on a red platform.

How to Clean The Stronic G

The device attracts dust and lint, so you’ll need to rinse it with warm, unscented soapy water before and after use. Don’t forget to apply a thin layer of water-based lubricant after rinsing, it helps create a protective barrier. Add a couple drops of lubricant on a cotton cloth and wipe. You need not worry about having it malfunctioning after cleaning because it is waterproof.


Stronic G size is a fairly large toy. Its height is 8.19 inches, the diameter is 1.65 inches and the insertable length is 5.75 inches.

Fun Factory Stronic G Measurements