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Doxy Die Cast 3R

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Doxy Die Cast 3R is Doxy's rechargeable version of the powerful handheld massage wand.  This massage wand is cast in a beautiful deep blue with an interchangeable head.  Doxy is known for it's power, reaching up to 9,000 RPM.  So for those of you with the need for extreme power on your clit or body, Doxy has you covered! Doxy Die Cast 3R has all the power just without the cord! Doxy Die Cast 3R now comes in a sleek Matte Black!

Doxy Die Cast 3R in Case - Luxe Vibes

What Makes Doxy Different From Other Massage Wands?

Let's start with the 9,000 RPM, I'm not sure other massage wands even discuss RPM which tells us Doxy Massage Wands have got some power!  They are cast in Aluminum and weigh 1.4 pounds so you know you are not getting some cheap wand, Doxy is built to last!  The medical grade silicone head rolls and rumbles, no buzzing with the beauty.  The head is also interchangeable so you can use it for internal or external play if you want to switch it up.  The Doxy Die Cast 3R still boast the power just without the cord! So you will not be limited where to use it.

Doxy Die Cast 3R on Couch - Luxe Vibes

Doxy Die Cast 3R Review

Melissa at reviewed the Doxy Die Cast 3R!  The review of this massage wand is very in depth and you will read why this is Melissa's new favorite sex toy!  Please read a glimpse of the review below:

"I would recommend the Doxy Die Cast 3R to anyone who craves powerful, rumbly vibrations and needs a compact, travel-safe wand to join them on their journeys! Though the wand is undoubtedly expensive, the quality is evident and the wand more than delivers on pleasure and luxury. If you have a very sensitive clitoris, the Doxy Die Cast 3R may be too much for you, however those with less sensitive clits could benefit from the rumbly vibrations. The wand is very heavy as it is made from aluminium, therefore I would say it isn't suitable for those who struggle to hold heavy objects for long periods. If you want a wand designed with luxury, power, and quality in mind, the Doxy Die Cast 3R will not disappoint! Overall, I can confidently say that the Doxy Die Cast 3R is without a doubt my new favorite toy!"

Read the full Doxy Die Cast 3R Review HERE!

How to Use Doxy Die Cast 3R

Doxy made use easy, simply push the Power button to turn it on.  It will turn on in Vibration Mode.  Click the (+) and (-) buttons to change the intensity of the vibrations.  To switch between Vibration Mode and Pulse Mode hold the Power Button for 3 seconds.  Then use the (+) and (-) buttons to go through the pulse settings.  Simple as that, find your favorite setting and enjoy the power of Doxy Die Cast 3R!

Doxy Die Cast 3R Matte Black in Box

Features of Doxy Die Cast 3R

  • Materials: Polished Aluminum with Medical Grade Silicone Head
  • Head is interchangeable
  • 12 Month Warranty (Luxe Vibes also replaces defects up to a year)
  • Deep Penetrating Vibrations
  • Weight: 1.4 lbs
  • Rechargeable
  • Compact Version of the Doxy Massage Wands 
  • Length 11"
  • Smaller Handle
  • Vibration Levels with a Pulse Mode
  • Easy to Use Controls
  • Small Head for Easier focused Pleasure Spots
  • Powerful Rumbly Vibrations
  • Aluminum Storage Case

Doxy Die Cast 3R in Hand - Luxe Vibes

How to Clean Doxy Die Cast 3R?

The head of Doxy Massage Wands screw off so you can take them off for cleaning.  It is made from silicone so you can use warm water and soap.  The body of the wand is made from aluminum so if you want to get it shiny again you can use an aluminum polish.  Do not put the body of the wand under water.  You can get a wet cloth with some soap (or vinegar) and gently wash it that way.


Doxy Die Cast 3R Attachments

The attachments made for Doxy Massagers turn this massage wand into a his and/or hers sex toy.  There are two attachments for females pleasure spots, the Clitoral Attachment and the G Spot Attachment.  And there are two for men, a Masturbator Attachment and a Prostate Attachment.

Doxy Clitoral Attachment - Luxe Vibes
Doxy G Spot Attachment - Luxe Vibes
Doxy Masturbator Attachment - Luxe Vibes
Doxy Prostate Attachment - Luxe Vibes