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Banana Pants Honeybunch

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Honeybunch is BumpHer's newest dildo base stimulation cover! Inspired by buzzing bees, BumpHer wants everyone to get their buzz 'n' grind on! Uniquely contoured, the round, plump, protruding nubs were designed to stimulate while grinding and has an added pocket to slip a favorite bullet vibe to add vibrations to an already amazing sensation.

Please Note: Dildo & Bullet Vibe sold separately

HoneyBunch with Dildo and Bullet Vibe

Dildos for Banana Pants HoneyBunch

With a backing similar to the b.cush, the super-soft, flesh-like material stimulates the wearer and prevents pubic bruising. The flat back is compatible with most flat dildo base sizes and has a tacky textured back to prevent slipping off during use.  A few suggestions are Fun Factory Boss Dildo, Fun Factory Limba, Fun Factory Amor, and Fun Factory Magnum.

Fun Factory Boss DildoFun Factory Limba

Fun Factory AmorFun Factory Magnum

Great for solo and partner play. Try as a STP base plug, or use on its own by slipping it into underwear for extra sensation during a heavy make-out session. You can even buy two and stick them to each other to use as a dual grind stimulation piece!

Honeybunch Dildo Accessory