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b-Vibe Texture Plug

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Ready to up your game with anal play? Try out b-Vibe's textured anal plugs! They come in three different sizes and textures for anal play enthusiasts on all levels of experience.

The b-Vibe Texture Plugs are vibrating butt plugs designed to stimulate the sphincter in preparation for anal preparation. Each type of butt plug in this collection comes in a unique texture to satisfy all the elements of anal play. 

Additionally, they're useful training tools for individuals that want to graduate from small, smooth butt plugs into something more stimulating and exciting. 

b-vibe texture plug small

How to Use the b-Vibe Texture Plugs

Bump Texture Plug (small). These textured butt plugs grow in size, intensity, and level of experience. The Bump Texture Plug is wrapped in bumpy textures that vibrate to massage the sphincter as it goes in and out of the anus. This particular butt plug is excellent for beginners who have gotten used to regular butt plugs and are ready for something more. 

B-Vibe Texture Plug Bump Aqua (Small)

Swirl Texture Plug (medium). The Swirl Texture butt plug is the elevated version of the spiral butt plug. Its rope-like texture gives the user a tugging and twisting sensation enjoyed by anal play lovers. If you're ready for anal penetration, this is the butt plug for you. 

B-Vibe Texture Plug Swirl Orange (Medium)

Twist Texture Plug (large). People who have dabbled in the world of anal sex—or those who regularly participate in anal penetration will surely love the delicate ripples of varying sizes on this vibrating butt plug. This butt plug is for seasoned players that have been in the game for a while; it provides the feeling of fullness. 

B-Vibe Texture Plug Twist Green (Large)

b-Vibe Texture Plugs Features

Soft, seamless, and silicone. Silicone is one of the most popular materials for making sex toys because they are bendy and feel more realistic compared to plastic. It is more expensive than materials made with dangerous chemicals because it is more durable and safe for internal or external bodily use. 

Texture design. Each type of b-Vibe butt plug from this line comes in different, unique textures and sizes. Plug the toy into your anal sphincter and canal to relax your muscles and prepare you for penetrative sex. Plus, if you get all three, you can work your way into the advanced anal play levels.

Multiple vibration patterns. Select from six different vibration patterns to fit your needs and enter a land of mind-blowing orgasms and good vibes (pun intended).

Hypoallergenic and body-safe.  b-Vibes butt plugs are made of hypoallergenic and body-safe silicone that everyone can enjoy without the fear of an adverse reaction from their bodies. 

100% splashproof. Take these toys with you to the shower as part of your foreplay routine! Suitable for solo sex and partner use. 

What Comes with the b-Vibe Texture Plugs

  • b-Vibe Texture Plug Bump Aqua (Small),
  • b-Vibe Texture Plug Swirl Orange (Medium)
  • b-Vibe Texture Plug Twist Green (Large)
  • Guide to texture plug play
  • User manual
  • Charging wire
  • A pouch to keep your toy in

B-Vibe Texture Plug Twist Green (Large) with Contents

How to Clean the b-Vibe Texture Plugs

Wash your toys with lukewarm water and a mild cleanser (like the Wicked Cleene Antibacterial Toy Cleaner) and pat dry with a towel. 


Bump Texture Plug

Insertable Size: 4 in

Diameter: 1.2 in

Weight: 2.8 oz

Neck Diameter: 0.4 in

Circumference: 3.8 in


Swirl Texture Plug

Insertable Size: 4.4 in

Diameter: 1.38 in

Weight: 3.6 oz

Neck Diameter: 0.4 in

Circumference: 4.2 in


Twist Texture Plug

Insertable Size: 5.7 in

Diameter: 1.73 in

Weight: 4.7 oz

Neck Diameter: 0.4 in

Circumference: 5.5 in