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Magic Wand Original

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Although the Magic Wand Original is no longer manufactured by Hitachi it is still the same great handheld electric massager it has always been.  Vibratex is the new manufacturer and has been known for years to create amazing sex toys! 

The Hitachi Magic Wand was originally created as a powerful full-body massager, not as a sex toy.  Kind of funny it became the number one sex toy.  Since Hitachi did not want to be associated with and solely associated with sex toys, they let the number one selling Hitachi Magic Wand Original be produced by Vibratex!

So if you do not see Hitachi on the packaging, now you know why.  We sell 100% authentic sex toys!  We warranty our products up to a year from purchase; if something goes wrong with your Magic Wand Original just send us an e-mail explaining the defect and we will get it fixed for you!


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Magic Wand Original Features:

Battery Corded Item Diameter 2.25 Item Height 12.25 Item Weight 1.2 Package Weight (LBS) 1.4625 Type of Packaging Shelving Vibration levels 2 MAP 59.95 Filterable Attributes Country of Origin China