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Man Wand

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Man Wand is a neat concept in that it is a male vibrator and male stroker in one.  The functions can be used simultaneously or separately depending on your mood.  The Wand is made from body safe textured silicone that feels good on the shaft and enhances pleasure.  The two flaps on the side are flexible to adjust to any size penis. 

Man Wand Side View

Male Vibrator

Man Wand boasts powerful vibrations with eight speeds and twenty vibration patterns; turning this wand into a Male Vibrator!  It doesn’t matter if you start erect or not, the vibrations will get you where you want to be.  Since Man Wand does act as a vibrator, playing with your partner can be fun too! Let it vibrate on her clit or have her put it on your balls.

Male Stroker

Once you’ve mastered the vibrations, use this wand to stroke out your pleasures.  The textured grip was designed for vigorous stroking so you won’t lose the wand mid-stroke!  Make sure to add some lube to make this Male Stroker that much more stimulating.   Man Wand took the next step in male masturbation creating this dual pleasure masturbating device!

Man Wand Unboxing and How To Use Video

Man Wand How to Use Video

Man Wand Features:

  • Item Depth 2.8"
  • Item Height 8.5"
  • Item Width 4"
  • Materials Silicone, ABS Plastic
  • Vibration levels 8 Vibration patterns 20
  • Power Source USB Charger
  • Storage Pouch

Man Wand Xtrem

 Man Wand Xtrem has been added to the collection of Man Wands!  This is a different take on the original Man Wand.   Xtrem Man Wand comes with two attachments so you can use this male vibrator in several ways including couples play.  Since the attachments are removable, it can also be used as a traditional massage wand.   

Man Wand Xtrem with AttachmentMan Wand Xtrem with AttachmentMan Wand Xtrem No Attachment

Man Wand Xtrem Features

  • 100% Silicone
  • 5 Vibration Modes
  • 3 Intensities
  • 4 Hours of Charge for 1.45 Hours of Play
  • Waterproof
  • USB Rechargeable
  • 2 Removeable Attachments

How to Clean and What Lube to Use with Man Wand

Since Man Wand is not waterproof, just water-resistant make sure not to submerge it or run it underwater for cleaning.  A washcloth with warm water and soap is okay for cleaning but for a deeper clean we suggest Wicked Toy Cleaner.  Make sure to use a water-based lube with the Man Wand since it is made out of silicone such as Wicked Aqua. 

Other Man Wand Products:

If you've tried the Man Wand and want to try another product, try the Man Wand Starter Stoker!  This is a smaller male vibrator that fits in your hand.  It is completely waterproof for water play and 100% body-safe silicone!


Man Wand Starter Stroker