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How to Properly and Safely Clean Your Sex Toys

Written by Charlie Vix


Posted on March 15 2021

Among the numerous sex toy maintenance tips, cleaning is probably one of the most important.  Regardless of the material, properly cleaning your sex toy after use helps prevent infections, as bacteria can hang around and transfer infections during your next use. 

And trust me. The last thing you want is an infection in your sweet spots. Clean sex toys are also appealing to the eyes, and what better way to keep you in the mood than a clean sex toy!  Plus you always want clean sex toys if you plan on playing with partner.  

Apart from the first time when the sex toy arrives, I usually clean mine as soon as I'm done. The last thing on your mind while you are in post-climax bliss may to be making a trip to the sink.  But let me explain. Cleaning your sex toy after use simplifies the experience, as the body fluids are easy to come off. But it doesn't stop there; cleaning ensures that the sex toy is always clean and ready when you are – if you are not already doing this, you should try it out.

So, having said that, let's take a closer look at how to properly and safely clean your sex toy.

Bathroom Sink

How to Clean by the Sex Toy Material

Before you even start cleaning your sex toy, the most important step is figuring out the material since different materials call for different cleaning styles and aftercare. Generally, your toy is either made of porous or non-porous material. Porous materials contain small pores on the surface that can harbor bacteria and fungi.  Side Note, I do not recommend sex toys that are Porous! On the other hand, non-porous materials are waterproof and durable. They include silicone, borosilicate glass, stainless steel, and ABS plastic.  

So, if your sex toy is made of a porous material, avoid submerging it in water, as the pores can be hard to dry. Moist pores harbor bacteria in the long run, ultimately transferring infections to your private parts. But there's more; after cleaning, make sure you dry the sex toy completely. You might have to use a clean towel to ensure it's perfectly dry. However, if your sex toy is made of a non-porous material, cleaning is blissful. You can submerge it in water and leave it to air dry before storage.

We-Vibe Touch X Submerged in Water

Use The Right Cleaning Agents

There are numerous sex toy cleaning agents available. For starters, dedicated sex toy cleaners do the job correctly. Simply mix an appropriate amount with lukewarm water in the sink and douche your sex toy before rinsing it with clean running water. Easy. Right? If you don't have the sex toy cleaner, use mild antibacterial soap; it'll do the trick. For porous sex toys, douche a clean washcloth in the mild soap and water mix, press it, and wipe off the toy. Finally, rinse the washcloth in clean water and wipe the toy.

Some cleaners such as Before and After Toy Cleaner, you simply spray on your toy, no rinsing needed.  However, if you do have debris on your toy, you will need to rinse it off prior to spraying the cleaner on.

Before and After Sex Toy Cleaner

Here comes the critical part; avoid using dishwasher soap, as it leaves a residue that can cause infections to your most delicate areas. And never use household cleaning agents and scented soaps too. Remember, the genitals tissue is very sensitive and absorbent (for those with a vulva and vagina), and using these products could result in infections. So, whether you're using penetrative G-spot stimulators or anal toys like prostate massagers, use the right cleansing agents. 

Dry Your Sex Toys Off Properly

So, you just cleaned your sex toy? With the right cleaning agents? Good! You've done half the job. Yes. This might come as a surprise, but the job isn't done until you properly dry your toy. As stressed earlier, storing your sex toy without drying can damage its material, especially if it's made from a porous material.

I recommend air drying, especially if you don't have to use it again until the next day. Many sex toys come with drying racks too, so it should be easy. However, if you don't have the time to wait, use a clean towel to absorb water. Most importantly, avoid towels that leave debris on the sex toy, as they might be irritating during use.


Once your sex toy is dry, ensure you store it in a clean, cool, and dry place. If you have multiple sex toys, stop lumping them together in the damp, corner side drawer. Get individual sex toy drawstring bags, as some materials react when they come into contact with other materials. You can even use clean cotton socks to separate the toys. All in all, make sure you store them properly and securely.

As you've seen, cleaning your sex toy is as simple as you make it. However, there's no debate over the importance of properly and safely cleaning them. Clean sex toys shield you from possible infections, and they're always ready when you are.

So, clean your sex toy, dry it well, and tuck it away correctly. Most importantly, if you have a silicone, borosilicate glass, and stainless steel sex toy, you can boil it in water regularly for eight to ten minutes to sterilize it.



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