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Anal Sex For Beginners

Written by Charlie Vix


Posted on May 20 2016

We’ve traveled light years to get where we are right now in terms of our sexual revolution. Yet, when it comes to anal sex, we’re still in the taboo zone. Why? In order to answer this question, we would need to write a book. That’s why we’re going to leave it aside and focus on the ways to make this option more enjoyable for both parties. We also have to admit that this taboo character is an inevitable part of any anal sexual contact’s tempting nature.

Dare to Have Anal Sex

Your First Task Is To Ask

There’s no such thing as a suggestive body language when it comes to anal sex. If you really want to achieve a true win-win for yourself and your partner then you have to do both ask directly and get an approval explicitly. Otherwise, you are risking of experiencing the worst case scenario of being lost somewhere in your bedroom’s translation.

Between Pleasure and Pain

If you compare anal sex to other variations and types of sexual contact you have to admit that this one is the most extreme. In what sense? Well, either you or your partner has to gladly accept the potential pain in order for this thing to work for real. This also means that if you can’t avoid the pain, we can do quite a lot to minimize it. Lubricants and condoms can be a true game-changers in this scenario.  There does not have to be pain associated with anal sex, it can occur but the pleasure can be a lot more than any pain experienced.  Just take your time and take the steps to make it more pleasurable than painful.  Sliquid makes a thick water based lube specially formulated for anal play and helps this process wonderfully!

Sliquid Sassy Anal Lube

Control Is A Welcomed Word Here

Anal sex has its own rules. One of the least expected is that you just can’t let yourself go. Both partners or one of them has to be in the full control of the situation. We’re talking about a partner who’s receiving anal sex. You need to control the penetration and the speed itself, in order to make sure that a disappointment is avoided.  This can be a blissful experience for both giver and receiver. 

There’s More Than One Position Available

We all know what’s the very first position to cross your mind when we mention the anal sex, don’t we? However, we don’t need a taboo within a taboo. Meaning, you’re absolutely free to try different positions to maximize pleasure as long as you make sure that one partner is still in control of intensity and speed.

Anal Sex Toys For Girls and Boys

Luxe Vibes Boutique pays a great deal of attention to anal sex. You can look for a section called the Anal Play. These toys can be very helpful when it comes to self-exploration and the proper “warm-up”. Here’s one more very useful advice. If you want to reach the ultimate pleasure then anal sex shouldn’t be only about anal sex. What’s that supposed to mean? You can experience a true mind blowing pleasure while stimulating other erogenous zones at the same time.

B Vibe Anal Toy

The Golden Tip For Anal Sex Beginners

The best thing you can do as an anal sex beginner is to change your beginner’s status. Try it and see for yourself how it works for you.  Don't be scared to try new positions, specially formulated anal lubes and to work with your partner to make sure it feels good for both of you.  The toys are a great way to start.  Remember, people have enjoyed anal sex for a very long time....there has to be a reason right?



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