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Top Five Benefits of Prostate Massaging

Written by Charlie Vix


Posted on April 28 2016

Here’s a million dollar question we keep asking ourselves over and over again. Is there a way to our health and pleasure to go hand-in-hand with nothing to worry about? The truth is that our prejudices and unjustified fears are preventing us from seeing the clear and obvious picture. The same goes for our prostate. This mysterious organ for most men has a great sensual potential we often neglect. When being asked about the prostate massage opportunities the overwhelming majority of gentlemen already have an excuse. Oh please, I don’t want to be reminded of my prostate until I’m 40 or older. Or, why in the world should I massage my prostate in the first place.

The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure

Here’s a catch. Massaging your prostate in a way that’s both thoughtful and skillful can give you much more than a pleasure. How about a handful of invaluable health-related benefits? 

Getting rid of stagnant semen

Did you know that the best way to clean your prostate from the potentially harmful stagnant semen leads through the regular massage? What’s going to happen if the semen inevitably become stagnant in your prostate? Well, nothing good, that’s for sure. We’re talking a massive buildup of bacteria and a very problematic swelling.

Reducing risks

It’s really hard to believe that a simple thing, such as regular prostate massage can contribute immensely to your health in a positive way. Thanks to a prostate massage, you can seriously reduce the risks associated with prostatitis, including annoying genital pains and erectile dysfunction symptoms. Finally, when you massage your prostate you’re also diminishing a possibility of a prostate cancer.

Dealing with frequent and embarrassing urinations

One of the first signs that your prostate is having a difficult time are frequent and embarrassing urinations. There’s no better prevention of this problem than with the simple massage of your prostate. Once you start paying frequent visits to your doctor, you’ll remember that there was a much simpler solution you took for granted.

Improving overall erectile function

Regular prostate massaging can significantly improve your overall erectile function. The secret lies in the increased seminal circulation and fluid. You’ve probably heard that a prostate is your body’s second brain. There are so many organs and functions responsible for your sex life and eventually reproduction that can’t work properly without a healthy prostate.

Feeling good and satisfied

The prostate is sometimes referred to as the P-Spot. This is much more than a necessity to come up with a male version of the famous G-spot reserved for women. We’re actually talking about a genuine and well-deserved recognition of prostate’s importance for our sex life. It has been proven that in more than 30% of all cases a stimulated prostate ensures more intense orgasms.

If you haven’t paid attention to your prostate massaging needs until now, it’s about time to change. We, at Luxe Vibes, encourage you to do this in a fun and pleasurable way.  Check out our selection of prostate massagers.

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