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Lovense Flexer Review

Lovense is currently one of my favorite brands so as soon as a new toy drops, I get impatient to try it! The Lovense Flexer was no exception and with my forever goal of having Blended Orgasms, I loved the Dual Vibrator concept of this one.

Although Flexer did not get me where I had initially expected, I thoroughly enjoyed this dual vibrator. It’s actually an insertable dual panty vibrator that can be app controlled around the world! Flexer has the come hither motion to make you feel like you are being fingered and your clit played with at the same time.  Another great teledildonic device made by Lovense!  

Lovense Flexer in Hands

Lovense Flexer Review

Make sure to read the entire review—Flexer worked really good in two ways for me and not so much another way because of my shape!  So the first time I tried it, I wanted to walk around with it on just to see how it would feel… if say I were out in public.  So I lubed Flexer up and put it in.  The entry was nice and easy with the combination of the smooth silicone and Sliquid Lube.  I was able to nestle it against my g spot and clit without any problem.


Then I connected it to the app and played with the vibrations, this toy has 3 motors. One in the g spot arm, one in the clit arm and one in the elbow to create the fingering (flex) sensation.  On the app, one icon controls the motors in the arms (at the same time) while the flex can be controlled separately.  So you have the option to just vibrate, just flex or have them going at same time.

I started with the vibration only so I could feel it on my g spot and clit. This felt nice but when I added the flex, it wiggled its way out of me. Remember, I was walking around. All I can say to that is…we are all shaped different. The Lovense Lush 3 stayed put and snug inside me no matter what I was doing, although it doesn’t Flex. Ha So for me vibration public play would work but flexer public play would not.  Keep reading....I really do love this toy!

How to Use Lovense Flexer?

I also want to mention when I created the video, it did not sound whisper quiet but once inside of you, it is not quite as loud.  I'm not sure it is quiet enough for me to dare to wear it in public.


The second time I tried it I was in my bed and did the same: lube, enter, connect to app.  I put it on the highest flex setting and medium vibration.  And just let me say this was a whole other experience!  This felt AMAZING.  I loved the fingering sensation.   Oddly, although I felt more intensity on my clitoris when the Flexer flexed, I ended up having a powerful internal orgasm.  Strange how that happens sometimes. By the way this was completely hands free! I literally just inserted, adjusted it to my g spot and clit and let it do it's thing. Oh and then immediately after, I was able to keep going and have yes another internal orgasm.  So even though I did not have my desired blended orgasm (could've just been the day) I was able to orgasm one after the other.

Update: I have now tried Flexer while sitting in a chair.  Funny I was trying to see if I could hear it, say while sitting at dinner.  Which you can by the way, unless there is back ground noise.  But what I discovered is this feels even better sitting than laying down!  I was able to rock on it and sort of ride it.  This position allowed for my all desired blended orgasm! 



The Flex Feature feels really amazing when you find what works best with your body shape.

This is a bluetooth, teledildonic sex toy so you can play with your lover even in if they are in another country.

It truly is a hands-free dual panty vibe.  So give yourself what I call a lazy orgasm.

Worked perfect for my laying down AND sitting.

The clit and g spot motor do not work separately so you cannot turn off one. Sometimes I like that feature if the stimulation is too much. Occasionally, I just like the pressure on my clit or g spot. However, that was not an issue for me with this toy. 

Remember this may be a con for me only, the Flexer wiggling out when standing and in Flex Mode. 

It might be a little too loud for public play.

How to Use Lovense Flexer?

Lovense Flexer with App

Start by familiarizing yourself with the Flexer and connecting it to the Lovense App. Once you’ve mastered that find some water-based lube. I would suggest putting it on the g spot and clit arm. Insert and adjust so it is snug on your g spot and clit at the same time. Use the app to find the combination of vibrations and flex speed you like the most.

To Turn On simply hold the button on the bottom for a few seconds until you hear one buzz. Now you can either pair it to the app or hit the button again to get you through the different modes. 

To Turn Off just hold the button on the bottom until it turns off.

To Use with App

As mentioned, hold the button until you hear it buzz one time. Open the app, hit + to add a toy. The app will find your toy really fast, then just follow the instructions. 

How to Clean Lovense Flexer

Since this toy is waterproof, you can wash it with warm water and soap. Even submerge it in the water if you feel it will get even cleaner.

You can also use a toy cleaner such as Before & After Foaming Toy Cleaner, this is the product I love and swear by! 

Make sure that the toy is completely dried before storing! 

Lovense Flexer with Before & After Toy Cleaner

What Lubes to Use?

Lovense Flexer with Sliquid Lube

Since Lovense Flexer is made from silicone, you want to make sure to use a water based lube such as Sliquid H20 or Sliquid Sparkle! 

I'm loving the Sliquid Sparkle right now because I'm obsessed with the packaging :)

Lovense Flexer Video Review

In my video review, I like my customers to get to know the toy before they purchase it.  I unbox it as if you had just purchase it.  Followed by all the features of Lovense Flexer.  Next I show you how to charge it and how to turn it on/off.  I demonstrate how to connect to the Lovense App.  

Finally I give you my personal review of the Lovense Flexer!

Lovense Flexer Video Review
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