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Fun Factory Laya Spot II Review

Written by Tiffy Kinks


Posted on February 03 2019

Today, we will be taking an in-depth look at sex toy that I don’t know whether or not I should call it new and improved sex toy or a brand new sex toy all on its own. No matter what you wanna call it, just don’t call it a comeback. Let’s take a deeper look at the Laya II by Fun Factory.

Fun Factory Laya Spot II in Hand - Luxe Vibes

Tiffy’s Take

Being that I think it’s worth mentioning for those who don’t know, the Fun Factory Laya Spot II is the successor of the Fun Factory Laya Spot. Its predecessor was already widely successful and well known for its powerful vibrations and ergonomic design.  When it came to improving an already great toy, Fun Factory decided not to reinvent the wheel but rather add some new features, bringing the Laya Spot II up to date with most of its competitors on the market.

The Fun Factory Laya Spot II is completely waterproof and rechargeable, so if you’re not a fan of having to use batteries to power up your toy, that will be a worry of the past. Fun Factory has incorporated their Click’n’Charge technology that allows for the Laya Spot II to be powered up via magnetic charging. One thing I will say about the magnetic charging is that it easily connects to the toy and stays in place. Sometimes I like to hook my sex toys up the charger and place them inside my drawer, so it nice to have a charger that won’t get knocked out of place with the slightest touch.

The design of the Fun Factory Laya Spot II compact and comfortable to hold in the hand. The placement of the buttons just adds to the functionality of this toy. The vibrations can be felt equally throughout on both sides, so no matter how you choose to hold the Laya Spot II, the vibrations will always be consistent. Speaking of vibrations, they are rumbly and fast-paced. For further specificity, the four speed settings get faster the higher the setting. The first four speed settings are my personal favorite. If you’re someone who likes patterns or is looking to experiment with patters, there’s something for everyone with the Laya Spot II as there are six vibration patterns as well.

The primary way I used the Fun Factory Laya Spot II was for broad and pin-point clitoral stimulation. The way it is shaped, it can rest on the labia or be placed directly on the clitoris. Both sides can be used for stimulation and I love that Fun Factory markets the Laya Spot II as an all-purpose vibrator, meaning it can be used as a couple’s vibe and by both genders. Sometimes lack of specificity in this case is a good thing because it allows the user to make a sex toy truly their own.

Fun Factory Laya Spot II Measurements - Luxe Vibes


  • Covered in soft, smooth silicone
  • Firm design & easy grip for better control
  • Save your favorite setting
  • 4 speeds & 6 vibration patterns
  • Rechargeable
  • Body-safe materials
  • Waterproof
  • Designed and handcrafted in Germany
  • Travel-friendly lock function
  • CLICK'N'CHARGE magnetic plug


  • 21" in total length
  • 57” at the widest point

How it Works

Activating/De-activating the Travel Lock

The Fun Factory Laya Spot II will come with its travel lock feature already activated and you will need to turn it off before use. To turn the travel lock off, simply press and hold the Fun button and plus (+) button simultaneously until both buttons light up and Laya Spot II will vibrate but not turn on.

To activate the travel lock, simply press and hold the Fun button and minus (-) button simultaneously until both button light up and the Laya Spot II will vibrate but not turn on.

Turning the Fun Factory Laya Spot II On/Off

To turn on the Fun Factory Laya Spot II, simply press and hold the Fun button for 2 seconds and the Laya Spot II will buzz to life. Use the plus (+) button to cycle through the 4 speeds & 6 vibration patterns until you find your favorite speeds and patterns. To turn the Laya Spot II off, press the Fun button once and it will shut off right away. No need to press and hold.

Fun Factory Laya Spot II - Luxe Vibes

Tiffy’s Tip: Always remember to use water-based lubricant with your silicone sex toys, as silicone-based lubricant can potentially ruin the silicone of your sex toy and void the manufacturer’s warranty. As an alternative, oil-based lubricant can be used, just do a spot test prior to use.

Final Thoughts

The Fun Factory Laya Spot II is one of those vibes that has something to offer for everyone. It’s easy to use, powerful, water-proof, and has a travel lock to prevent accidental turn-ons during travel or at home. Not to mention that it’s pretty quiet and great on running time, so you won’t be running to the charger every five minutes.

To purchase the Fun Factory Laya Spot II, click here.

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