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Femme Funn Bougie Bullet Review

Written by Tiffy Kinks


Posted on February 08 2019

Hi, I’m Tiffy. I am a huge fan of bullet-style vibrators. I love how small, and compact they are, easy to use, how good they can be at giving orgasms, and how versatile they are. So when Femme Funn came out with the Bougie Bullet, I knew I had to try it. So now, let’s talk about it.

Femme Funn Bougie Bullet

Tiffy’s Review

The Bougie Bullet features a cylinder shape with a rounded tip that tappers in the middle and flares back out into the base. The magnetic charging case corresponds with the color of the bullet you choose, which is available in two colors: Rose gold and sky blue. The shape of the storage case to me resembles the shapeof a pill, giving it a compact aesthetic. Which just adds to the surprise when you open up the case to find a sizable bullet vibe inside.

The Bougie Bullet most certainly does not conform to the ideaof what a traditional bullet-vibe should look like by any means. It is at least 3 times the size of a regular bullet and can even be used for internal stimulation if you so desired.  It is ridiculously sleek in appearance, andthe anodized aluminum it is made of gives it an “official” feel and smooth feeling in the hand.

The added benefit of a case, especially one you can charge your sex toy in, means you can chargeyour sex toy discreetly, away from prying eyes, and the likelihood that you will lose your toy will also decrease. The case also makes traveling with the Bougie Bullet more convenient. The case can fit practically anywhere and acts as a travel lock to the Bougie Bullet by preventing accidentalturn-ons during travel or at home.

Now on to the vibrations. The Femme Funn Bougie Bullet doesn’t disappoint where it counts the most. Large motors in sex toys means two things: Lots of power and good battery life. I would describe the vibrations as slightly buzzy but oh so strong. I am a particularfan of the first 4 speeds and tend to play around with the patterns when I am edging. The boost button gives you some added power when you need it. I usually use it when I’m ready to climax, andI wanna seesome fireworks. Works like a charmevery time. Don’t expect to run the charger with this bullet every 5 minutes as run time is great. Hands down, one of the best bullet vibrators I have ever tried.

Bougie Bullet in Charging Case - Luxe Vibes


  • 20 powerful vibration modes
  • Boost ButtonMemory function
  • Sleek anodized aluminum
  • Small, Lightweight, Compact
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Whisper Quiet
  • Discreet Magnetic Charging Case
  • Materials Anodized Aluminum
  • Power Source USB Rechargeable


  • Item Diameter 4.5
  • Item Height 7.5

Bougie Bullet Charging Port - Luxe Vibes

Hot to Use

To turn on the Femme Funn Bougie Bullet, simplypress and hold the double “F” button, andthe two buttons on the Bougie Bullet will light up with a solid blue color. From there, press the double “F” button once more, andthe Bougie Bullet will begin to buzz to life. Use the same double “F” button to cycle through the 20 powerful vibration modes until you find a couplefavorites. You can use the added “boost” button to add some power to those vibrations. To turn the Femme Funn Bougie Bullet, simply press and the double “F” button and it will power off.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Femme Funn Bougie Bullet is one of the best bullet vibes I have ever tried. It screams luxury while remaining functional with the addition of its powerful vibrations, the most importantpart, of course.


To purchase the Femme Funn Bougie Bullet, click here.


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