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Womanizer Blend Review (WOW)

Let's be real, you had me at Blend!  If you are new to my site and/or blogs, I am a blended orgasm addict.  It is what I aim to achieve each and every time I masturbate.  So when one of my favorite brands, Womanizer, comes out with a toy named Blend: sold, sign me up, get it to my house as fast as it will ship!  You see where this review is headed, right?  Womanizer + Blend = Holy Sh!+

With that being said, let’s get to my review of  Womanizer Blend!

Womanizer Blend with imasturbate card

Womanizer Blend Review

Before I go into my in depth review of Womanizer Blend, I want to share some other reasons why this is a must have in your toy box.  I review all types of sex toys but my favorites will always be the ones that dual stimulate me.  But on top of that, below are the many other reasons to love Womanizer Blend:

• Luxurious Sex Toy (Beautifully Crafted, Will Last for a Long Time) ✓

• Luxurious Packaging (Nothing Better than a Gift to Myself) ✓

• Dual Stimulator (Internal AND External stimulation) ✓

• Deep & Rumbly Vibrations on the Inside (Not Buzzy) ✓

• Magical Air Pleasure Technology on the Outside (Unexplainable) ✓

• Silky Smooth Body-Safe Silicone (No Harmful Chemicals) ✓

• Does Exactly What Designed to Do (Blended Orgasms) ✓

• Easy to Use (Important When Trying to Climax) ✓

• Settings & Intensities Allow for Array of Orgasms (Fast Orgasms or Relaxing Orgasms) ✓

• LOVE the new Hot Pink Color (Just a Personal Reason - Matches my Site – ha) ✓

• Waterproof (Shower, Bath is your Place to Play? – No Problem) ✓

**This model is significantly cheaper than my absolute favorite Womanizer Duo 2 -- for those of you that want the fun at a lower cost!

My Experience with Womanizer Blend

Womanizer Blend vs Lelo Enigma Shape
Womanizer Duo 2 vs Womanizer Blend Shape

At first glance I was like, oh no the shape looks a lot like Lelo Enigma and not my beloved Womanizer Duo. Both similarly designed, like Womanizer Blend, with the Pleasure AirClitoral Stimulator and G Spot Arm Vibrator designed to give Blended Orgasms.


Although Enigma is a great toy, it is not the toy for me.  Quick recap, Enigma did not fit with my shape so although it was designed for g spot and clitoral pleasure, it gave me great clitoral pleasure but could not hit my g spot at the same time.  So you see my concern with the Blend shape, at first.  


Regardless, because I am obsessed with the Womanizer brand,I wanted to give Blend a try (plus as I mentioned it's name is BLEND).  And thank goodness I did!  Blend delivered, toy curling, scream out loud, holy sh!+ blended orgasms.  After adding lube and playing with the settings, always do this before actually using the toy.  Nothing worse than trying to climax while trying to figure out the controls.  Unlike, Enigma, the g spot arm hit perfect at the same time as the clitoral stimulator. Win!  The sensations together put me over the top.  I have used this toy over and over and every time, high intensity orgasms!

BUT different than Womanizer Duo.  I think when one is considering sex toys and which ones to purchase, in most instances, with luxurious sex toy brands you get what you pay for, just like with all items.  

A little comparison of the two, Duo is cream of the crop, all the bells and whistles and it is simply top of the luxury line.  It has all the extra features you can play with, more setting on both internal stimulator and external vibrator, last longer, and it's a smoother vibrator.  Blend is luxury just not as high up there.  It is going to take you to those blended orgasms but not as smoothly as Duo.  

The Blend external pleasure air feels more like my toys with the fake little tongues, which is more woodpecker-ish tap tap tap tap  (which I'm completely obsessed with by the way --even though they look cheesy to me) while Duo 2 is mmmmmmmm rumbly, steady, smooth.  Both of these sensations feel amazing to me but I'm trying to express the difference.  It's like having two lovers, both great, one just does it differently.

In conclusion, go for Womanizer Blend if you are money conscious and/or new to blended orgasms.  Go for Womanizer Duo 2 if your orgasms are worth the next level of blended orgasms.

Womanizer Blend Two Motors


I think a con for a toy like Womanizer Blend is it may not fit all body shapes and hit both spots it was designed to pleasure.  

Also, although smaller than Duo, this is not a small, discreettoy!  I know some prefer to keep theirvibrators hidden but this is not the toy for that…

Sometimes with lube the smaller button is hard to press.

Customer Reviews

  • Womanizer OG Customer Review

    Best toy I've used to date and definitely the most pleasurable. Well worth the money. 

    "I've had a couple of basic toys in the past and this was my first premium purchase. I was a little apprehensive about purchasing because of the price but after seeing what it can do, I have absolutely no regrets."

  • Womanizer OG Customer Review


    A bit thin in the shaft but give it enough time and within less than 5 minutes you’ll be putty. This thing works faster than the Womanizer Duo… It definitely blends you into putty!

Womanizer Blend Video Review

In my video review, I like my customers to get to know the toy before they purchase it.  I unbox it as if you had just purchase it.  Followed by all the features of Womanizer Blend.  Next I show you how to charge it and how to use all the buttons. 

Finally I give you my personal review of the Womanizer Blend!

Womanizer Duo 2 Video Review
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