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Pop Lube 4.2oz


Pop Lube by Sliquid is a custom water and silicone hybrid lubricant created specifically for the Pop Dildo. The semen-like formulation starts with purified water and plant cellulose, and is blended with 12% pharmaceutical grade silicone and creamy emollient esters which results in a luxurious and creamy glide. Pop Lube has the easy-to- clean-up characteristics of most water based lubricants, with the added longevity of a silicone product. The cream emollients help to create a soft, padded texture that naturally moisturizes your most delicate skin. Pop Lube is always glycerine and paraben free, and is perfect for couples or for solo use. Pop Lube is ideal both inside and outside the Pop Dildo, and with most other toys.

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