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Neon Wand Electrode 8pc Set


Get more spark with the Neon Wand Accessory Kit! Eight different attachments provide lots of room for experimentation, perfect for the dominant or submissive who loves variety. <ul> <li>The Tongue: tapers to a snub-nose, giving it the appearance of a tongue or a small electrified snakes head.<li> <li>The Cloud: this tubular attachment lights up and glows blue.<li> <li>Helix Comb: the teeth of the comb evenly disperses a soft flow of electricity.<li> <li>Live Wire Electrode: the fine metal point of this electrode focuses the power of the Neon Wand.<li> <li>Dali Electrode: features a long shaft crowned by two soft arches; extends sensation across a broad swath of skin.<li> <li>The Condenser: this attachments smaller tip puts out a more focused, powerful connection.<li> <li>Mushroom Electrode: a rounded flat head emits a gently tickling, wide arc of beautiful blue light.<li> <li>The Pinwheel: when using the Power Tripper Attachment (not included #A01235) this metal wheel of prickly little pins can be rolled over a persons skin generating a somewhat intense shock.<li> <ul>

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