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Kiiroo Titan Interactive Vibrating Stroker

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Kiiroo Titan Interactive toy was designed to maximize your stamina and boost your endurance in the bedroom. When we think about sex toys, we usually associate them with women. But lately, some great toys have been coming out in the market tailored specifically for male pleasure. Bring out your inner beast with the Kiiroo Titan Interactive Vibrating Stroker. 

The Kiiroo Titan Interactive Vibrating Stroker is similar to a fleshlight in the sense that you have to insert your appendage into the opening. But, the Titan Stroker has the added benefits of connecting with your partner from afar, controllable vibrations, and it can even connect to interactive 2D or 3D content. 

Kiiroo Titan Interactive Inside

How to Use the Kiiroo Titan Interactive Vibrating Stroker

Connect to your lover's device - What better time to connect with your lover through teledildonics! You don't have to feel deprived of your intimate playtimes because this toy can supplement the real thing's pleasure and sensation.

Connect to interactive games - The world of sex toys is advancing, it's not just limited to what we're used to like vibrators and dildos. Now, you can make your solo time more exciting by linking your Kiiroo Titan Interactive Vibrating Stroker to an interactive game. 

Connect to 3D/VR interactive videos - Never feel lonely during solo play again! Another function of this toy is connecting to interactive videos. This is great for visual stimulation. 

Connect to 2D interactive videos - Access tons of free and premium content with the Kiiroo Titan. There's no harm in getting a little help so you can rise to the occasion. 

Connect to or interact with webcam performers - Fulfill your fantasies by connecting this toy to your favorite adult entertainer's live streams! Get the satisfaction you've always dreamt of with Kiiroo's Titan Interactive Vibrating Strokers. 

Choose from six different vibrations -  targeted, targeted power, auto, blow, pulse, and endurance.

This toy is best enjoyed with lubricant such as the Sliquid H2O for a more comfortable and pleasurable experience. 


When it comes to sex toys, the simpler, the better — toys that are easier to use make the experience all the more pleasurable. Have the toy stroke you at your desired speed and intensity. 

Grip - To avoid your hand from slipping off the device, the grip is ribbed for convenience. 

Real-Feel Sleeve - This toy is the real deal. The inner canals are designed to mimic the feel of your favorite orifices. Not only that, but it's also ribbed for your pleasure. 

Touch Sensitive Pads - Control your toy or your partner's vibrations with easy to use touchpads. 

Vibrating Motors - This toy has a total of nine vibration motors, three throws of three bullets that vibrate to your liking. 

What Comes with the Kiiroo Titan Interactive Vibrating Stroker

You get one Kiiroo Titan Interactive Vibrating Stroker, a USB pin charger cable, a user manual, and a subscription card to uFeel TV to link your device to adult content. 

Kiiroo Titan Interactive in Box

How to Clean the Kiiroo Titan Interactive Vibrating Stroker

It's relatively easy to clean your Kiiroo Titan Interactive Vibrating Stroker; all you have to do is open your toy, remove the rubber portion and wash it with a sex toy safe soap such as the Wicked Toy Cleaner and water. Pat down the material before popping it back into its plastic holder. 


The Kiiroo Titan Interactive Vibrating Stroker measures at 8.7 inches lengthwise and 3.4 inches across. The hole diameter is three to seven centimeters with an internal length of 7.87"

Kiiroo Titan Interactive in Hand

Warranty Information 

All Kiiroo products come with a one year warranty from the original date of purchase. It is applicable to any toys with defects due to faulty workmanship or substandard materials. 

This warranty, however, does not cover surface level deterioration caused by wear and tear. Nor does it cover damage caused by neglect, misuse, or accident. 

If you are having any issues with your toy, please contact us. Any attempt to fix it yourself will void the warranty. 

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