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Kiiroo Pearl2 Interactive G-spot Vibrator

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The Pearl2 acts as both a dildo and a vibrator. It is technologically advanced to hit your G-Spot every single time and make you feel what your lover is feeling from a world away. You don't have to miss your man so much when your intimate moments are broadcasted in real-time via vibrations.

The Pearl2 allows women to take charge of their sexuality and lets them explore what they enjoy in the bedroom. This toy can be used in conjunction with a partner or during solo-play for self-exploration. 

Kiiroo Pearl2 Laying in Hand

How to Use the Kiiroo Pearl2 

  1. Download the FeelConnect App to pair your devices. Available on iOS and Android. 
  2. Pair your device with your smartphone. 
  3. Explore the app and enjoy your playtime!

You can use your Pearl2 individually or with the Kiiroo Onyx+. Track yours and your lover's activity through the app to keep the spark alive and sexy despite the distance. 

Use the Pearl2 to stimulate the clitoral area with a series of vibrations or as a G-spot massager to give you the toe-curling orgasms you deserve.

Kiiroo Pearl2 in UseKiiroo Pearl2 Illustration

This toy is best enjoyed with a lubricant, such as the Sliquid H2O, for a more comfortable and pleasurable experience. 


Feel Your Lover - When paired through the WeConnect App, each corresponding device gives you the intimacy you crave, from your partner from anywhere in the world, simulating intimacy in real-time.

Feel Videos - The Kiiroo exclusively encoded adult videos will allow you to see your favorite performers AND feel them too—the vibrations of Pearl2 sync with the motions you visualized on screen. 

Feel Virtual Reality - Use the Pearl2 in combination with virtual reality glasses and VR adult content. Experience HD adult films in 180 and 360-degrees with 3D stereoscopic views. 

Feel Webcam Models - Kiiroo has webcam partners with unique interactive sections on their sites. Every move the cam models make is felt device and vice versa.

What Comes with the Kiiroo Pearl2

  • Water-based lube sample
  • USB charging cable
  • User manual
  • Code for the adult content site.

How To Clean The Kiiroo Pearl2 

It's relatively easy to clean your Kiiroo Pearl2; all you have to do is wash the surface with a sex toy safe soap such as the Wicked Toy Cleaner and water. Dry the toy and spray it with a disinfecting spray like the Before & After Toy Cleaner to freshen in up.


The Pearl2 measurements:

Length: 7.87"

Width: 1.53"

Kiiroo Pearl2 in Hand

Warranty Information 

All Kiiroo products come with a one year warranty from the original date of purchase. It applies to any toys with defects due to faulty workmanship or substandard materials. 

This warranty, however, does not cover surface level deterioration caused by wear and tear. Nor does it cover damage caused by neglect, misuse, or accident. 

If you are having any issues with your toy, please contact us. Any attempt to fix it yourself will void the warranty. 

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