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Je Joue Ami



Ami by Je Joue is a gorgeous and innovative set of Kegal balls, made for women to tone and strengthen the pelvic floor. Beautiful in design and function, Ami is a progressive, three- step set of weighted exercise balls created to improve urinary health and achieve stronger orgasms! By flexing vaginal muscles and holding the Kegal balls in place, the PC muscles become stronger. They are appropriate for all fitness level s and ages and are made of smooth, soft, body-safe silicone. Ami lets you train and strengthen your PC muscle at your own pace.  

Ami 1 is a soft, large, lightweight single ball - the first step for beginners. Ami 2 is a soft, slightly heavier medium sized double ball set - the second step in training. Ami 3 for advanced users is a small, hard, heavyweight double ball set - the third and most challenging step in your training. Inside every Kegal ball is a small solid ball; when you move, the ball bumps the sides of the outer Kegal ball creating an enjoyable sensual sensation while you tone. Ami effortlessly and comfortably slips into place by applying a water-based lube before insertion into the vagina and has a retrieval loop, making removal quick and simple.

Kegal exercises are great to do before pregnancy to help keep your pelvic floor strong and prepare your PC muscle for delivery. After birth (and healing) Kegal exercises help restore tightness and increases sexual sensitivity. Exercises can enhance natural vaginal lubrication and strengthen muscles for better urinary control due to menopausal changes. Ami is comfortable to wear at home… when you are more experienced and toned, you can wear it out and about.

Wash before first use and after each use with soap and warm water or a cleaner designed for silicone toys. If using a lube, choose a water based lube for this toy.

Ami by Je Joue Attributes
• Three sets of weighted Kegal balls for progressive training
• Train at your own pace
• Strengthens and tones the PC muscles
• Made from soft medical grade, body-safe silicone
• Comfortable, easy to insert , wear and remove
• Improves urinary health and strength of orgasms
• Appropriate for all fitness levels and ages
• Ball inside each Kegal ball creates sensual sensations
• Great for pre-pregnancy and post-pregnancy to strengthen PC muscle and restore tightness
• Helps relieve menopausal changes such as dryness and incontinence
• Easy to clean with soap and water or silicone toy cleaner
• Colors: Purple, Black and Fuchsia
• Je Joue offers a 1 year international guarantee against any defects due to faulty materials or workmanship

Size Chart

                                                        Length                  Diameter             Weight

Ami 1 (single ball)                            4.75 inches          1.5 inches            1.65 oz.

Ami 2 (double ball)                          5.75 inches          1.25 inches          2.75 oz.

Ami 3 (double ball)                          6.25 inches          1.125 inches       3.73 oz.

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