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Guide to Teledildonics | Long Distance Sex Toys (2022)

Written by Luxe Vibes


Posted on May 09 2020

Teledildonics, sometimes known as Cyberdildonics, are remotely controlled [sex] toys where physical sensations are transmitted through a data link connecting the participants.  Yes that takes the sexy sound out of it but keep reading!

In that sense, it’s the perfect way to connect with your lover if you’re not living together or have to be far away from one another. Or simply to spice up your love life.  These toys can be operated remotely by another person via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, apps, connect to content, and even games.

 The use of Teledildonics has changed how we look at intimacy. Being in a long-distance relationship doesn’t have to be that difficult when there are ways to emotionally (and physically) connect with your partner. Today, Teledildonics are wanted more than ever! During quarantine times, it was difficult to see your lover for some fun time, couples discovered teledildonics and the popularity grew from there.

Brands that are Mastering Teledildonics Devices

Lovense Logo Teledildonics

Lovense is a leading brand in teledildonic devices with a collection of sex toys that all connect and interact with one another.  The goal for Lovense was not just to create great sex toys but to allow couples to have long distance sex.

"When you move your toy, the other reacts- enabling lovers to connect and play together regardless of the distance!" Lovense

The Lovense App works as a wireless remote and allows for customizable vibration levels. Let your lover take charge of your orgasms.

Wearable Teledildonic Devices. Great for couples play, a night out on the town. No matter where you are in the world, use the App to control your lover’s pleasure or your own.  Lovense wearable teledildonic devices include Lush 3, Hush, Edge 2, Ferri, Diamo, Dolce and Gush.

Lovense Lush 3 in Hand

Long Distance Sex. Nora and Max 2 allow you to have long distance sex with your partner.  These toys interact with each other to bring you both to climax.  

 Lovense Nora

Programable Teledildonics. Several of the Lovense toys are programmable. You can create and save your own patterns with Ambi, Osci 2, Domi 2, Dolce, Hyphy and Gush.  Once your pattern is saved, the toys smart button will remember it for future use.

Vibe to Music or Sounds. All Lovense toys respond to any sound or music.  This means you can get really creative with the sounds you want to vibrate to.  Also, you can sync the music in your phone playlist to any Lovense toy.

Pleasurable Alarm Clock. Let your lover set an alarm for when they want to play or wake you.  The wearable teledildonic toys allow this: Lush 3, Hush, Edge 2, Ferri and Diamo.

Shop Lovense Teledildonics

Kiiroo Logo

Kiiroo is leading the industry of teledildonic devices with an Interactive App and Sex Toys that connect to one another. The FeelConnect App allows four ways to play with your Teledildonics device

Interactive Videos. This is a pretty neat concept. You pair your Teledildonics device with the FeelConnect App, put in the website of your choice, register your device and then your device will then respond to interactive video content.

Kiiroo Titan with Cliona Set

Follow the directions in the FeelConnect App then invite your lover who also has a teledildonics device and then your toys will respond to each other!

Connect two or more toys when near each other. Connect the toys with one phone/app by selecting them both within the FeelConnect App and they will respond to each other.

Use your toy to interact with VR Content. Connect your device to app, go to website, then select which video you want to interact with! Although, some VR services require a subscription.


OhMiBod Logo





Next to Kiiroo, OhMiBod is making waves in the long distance sex toy industry, in fact some connect to each Kiiroo and Ohmibod sex toys connect to each other!

OhMiBod Esca 2

The highlights of owning an OhMiBod Teledildonic Device:

Setting the mood with some tunes. OhMiBod pioneered the music-driven vibrator. They put a whole new meaning to ‘feeling the music.’ Pick out your sexiest playlist and control the music from any of your smart devices.

Visual feedback through LED lights. Engage with your lover from across the room or across the world. Illuminating LED lights sync with the vibrations and give you an inside look at how your partner is feeling. In a long-distance intimate setting, you can appreciate the visual cues from the toys. Light up your night!

O! so wonderful. Move aside FitBit, there’s a new gal in town. Ladies get ready for the Oh-Dometer – a dashboard for your love life. OhMiBod’s Oh-Domoter is an orgasm tracker that allows both partners to check on each other’s “activity.” You can program your app to send a suggestive ‘Thinking of You’ message to your partner whenever there’s an activity spike.

Remote controlled pleasure. You don’t have to be halfway around the world to enjoy your Teledildonics. With the OhMiBod Remote ™ App you can control the toy from a 26 to 30-foot range. Think of it as a sexy game you can play to spice things up every now and then.


    We-Connect App

     We-Vibe has been dominating the sex toy industry for years; so it is no surprise they are one of the top companies producing teledildonic devices. The We-Connect App allows you and your long distance lover to connect.

    Tool for self-exploration. Teledildonics were made primarily for partners but that shouldn’t stop you from exploring what you enjoy on your own. Customize vibration patterns and share them with your partner. A large part of intimacy is communication. When your partner knows what you enjoy, they’ll enjoy the experience as well.

    Spontaneity is key. This toy is loaded with unique controls for you and your partner to enjoy. Things don’t have to be boring in the bedroom when you’re own your own. Surprise your partner with some new moves to turn the heat up a notch.

    Video killed the radio star. Just like any messaging app, WeConnect has a video chat option to get some face time in with your lover. This steamy feature is visually stimulating and has the power to transform any intimate experience from a long-distance perspective.

    Travel on the same wavelength. Track your partners vibe through the in-app wave detector. It’s like your partner is right there next to your side.

      Teledildonics Products and Devices (Interactive Sex Toys)

      Take a look at our top two picks!

      Kiiroo Cliona

      Cliona by Kirro is a Teledildonics clitoral vibrator that can connect with your partner’s toy for long distance sex play. Although Cliona was designed to play with your lover long distance, it is also a great sex toy for solo play. Kiiroo Cliona is completely waterproof, so shower and bath play are an option, oolala! The motor is in the head of the toy, not the base, for powerful vibrations right at the point of contact.

      Kiiroo Cliona

      OhMiBod Fuse

      OhMiBod Fuse is a rabbit style vibrator for the tech savvy! When I read through the manufacturer description my first thought was, wait what? This is not a vibrator for those who like to push one button and vibrate to climax.

      FUSE takes sex play to another level. It’s funny how everything advances to keep up with this generation including vibrators. So let’s break down all the advanced sex play OHMIBOD FUSE is capable of in terms we can all relate to.

      OhMiBod Fuse

      Pros and Cons of Teledildonics Devices

      Pro: If you don't live near your lover or you want to spice up your relationship, these toys are the way to go!

      Flatten the curve fellas! Social distancing doesn’t have to be a bore when you have your own set of Teledildonics. As we’ve mentioned earlier, your long-distance lover will get to enjoy your company, all from the comfort of your own home.

      Plus, it’s a great way for both of you to discover what you enjoy in the bedroom. When you finally have the chance to reconnect, you can put what you learned to good use.

      Con: If you cannot get your Teledildonics to connect, you cannot just return a sex toy!

      Sex toys are like lingerie, once you purchase them, you can’t return them. For obvious reasons such as hygiene. We at Luxe Vibes ensure good quality toys, but there are just some bunches in the batch that miss the mark. That’s why we encourage all our customers to register their Teledildonics Devices immediately! That way, you get your servicing and warranty covered.

      It’s quarantine season and these toys are dropping hot! Get yours now at




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