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Snail Vibe Review

Written by Charlie Vix


Posted on September 17 2021

I don’t usually write many sex toy reviews, rather just create a YouTube Video Review.  However, some toys are really worth the written review and the Snail Vibe is one of them!  I knew before I received this dual vibrator, it was going to be a toy I loved.  First and foremost because it’s a dual vibrator and you know how I love a blended orgasm! But also because I love toys I can thrust; the Snail Vibe design is created for easy thrusting. Keep reading for the Snail Vibe Review!

Snail Vibe in Hands Side View

Not even sure where to begin but I’m turned on just thinking about it!  I always play around with the buttons before I insert a toy just to familiarize myself with the vibration patterns and motors.  The Snail Vibe has two motors, each with 5 vibration modes and 5 speeds which the Snail Vibe creators say you can come up with 600 combinations.  Okay to me, that is a bit excessive but obviously you don’t have to figure out all 600.  Unless you have endless days and/or hours to masturbate.  How nice would that be?


Snail Vibe Buttons
I added a water-based lube (yes because it is a silicone toy) to both parts of the Snail Vibe that would be touching me internally and externally.  Then I inserted it into my vagina.  I have been extremely horny lately so I was past ready for this toy to be inside of me. 


Next, I turned on each motor and kind of played with the modes until I found a good combination.  Then I just thrusted Snail Vibe in and out as if I were being penetrated by a penis.  Sometimes I would hold part of the shaft and other times the head of the Snail Vibe that holds the buttons.  This felt AMAZING!  I was able to angle the toy so it was stimulating my g spot and clit at the same time. Yes, Yes and Yes! We’ll call this my foreplay.

Snail Vibe Thrusting

I cannot find the words to tell you how good this felt.  I became so wet during this stroking – thrusting session, I’m not sure what came over me because I have not used my toys anally in a really long time ……. I put the shaft part inside my ass. 

The round head of the Snail Vibe was still on my clit.  Shortly after, I had an earth shattering, toy curling, long lasting anal and clitoral blended orgasm that I forgot I was even capable of!  I screamed SO loud with pleasure! Thank you, Snail Vibe! And there you have it my friends, I am in love or maybe lust with my new Snail Vibe!  This is a must add to your sex toy box if you crave blended orgasms like me!

Next time around, I’m keeping it in my vagina….well maybe! I also want to mention, obviously it is even more important to deep clean your toy after this kind of session.  I am obsessed with the Foaming Before and After Toy Cleaner.  It is also a must have if you use sex toys! 

How to Clean Snail Vibe

If you want to learn more about this toy or just go ahead & buy it, click HERE 

Also, I will be soon putting up a video review of the Snail Vibe, so make sure to check it out when it gets posted.  The video review will go over unboxing, charging, how to use the buttons and all the features.



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