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Fun Factory Fun Cup Review

Written by Tiffy Kinks


Posted on February 17 2019

When it comes to menstrual products, I am always on the lookout for new or improved products that make dealing with my period easier. That time of the month can be difficult for some who have more intense symptoms of PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome) that can make their period a nightmare in the daytime. Not to mention having to budget for pads and tampons made with toxic chemicals that belong nowhere near the body, let alone, the most sensitive part of the body. Fun Factory decided to bring something to the table: The Fun Factory Fun Cup.

Fun Factory Fun Cups in Hands - Luxe Vibes Boutique

Tiffy’s Take

The Fun Factory Fun Cup is an interesting alternative to pads and tampons. For one, it doesn’t absorb anything, meaning it won’t cause vaginal dryness or irritation because it’s made of silicone. It is designed to collect the blood as it sits in the vaginal canal close to the cervix. Because of this, it can be worn for 12 hours at a time. I should note, however, that 12 hours at a time is suggested, though it can be worn for the whole duration of your cycle. All you have to do is insert it, wear it, and take it out and empty it when it’s full. An added benefit of the Fun Cup is that you can sleep with it inserted and even go commando if you’d like.

The design of the Fun Cup comes in two sizes: Size A and Size B. Size A is the smaller cup that features a firmer silicone for more control when adjusting and for lighter flow days. It can be worn on heavy flow days, but you may have to empty and re-insert more often. Size B is a larger cup that features a softer silicone for added comfort and for heavier flow days. Size B can be worn on light days as well. There are grips at the end of each cup that helps you locate how far it is inserted when trying to remove it as opposed to a string and comes with a storage bag so you can travel with your cups and take them wherever you’d like. Which is a great idea if you’re anticipating your period while on vacation or run out of pads and tampons.

Fun Factory Fun Cups Size A


  • Made of Body-Safe, Medical Grade Silicone
  • Can Be Worn for up to 12 Hours
  • Storage Bag Included
  • Available in Two Sizes and an Explorer Kit with Both


Size A

  • Item Diameter 1.56
  • Item Height 2.1

Size B

  • Item Diameter 1.7
  • Item Height 2.29

Fun Factory Cups Size B

How does it Work?

To use the Fun Factory Fun Cup menstrual cups, simplychoose the cup you would like to use and clean it before initial use by either boiling the cupfor 3 minutes or by simplywashingit thoroughly with soap and water. Refer to the manual and use one of the three folds mentioned in the manual to insert the Fun Cup. Once inserted, the Fun Cup can be worn for 12 hours at a time, emptied, and re-inserted.

Final Thoughts

The Fun Factory Fun Cups come in three varieties: Size A, Size B, and the Explorer Kit. I highly recommend purchasing the Explorer Kit if you are not sure about sizing or would like to usedifferent sizes for different for different flow days. If you’re looking for an alternative pads and tampons, I suggest giving the Fun Factory Fun Cups a try.

Fun Factory Fun Cup MeasurementsFun Factory Fun Cup Measurements

To purchase the Fun Factory Fun Cups, Click here.

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